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  • Roe v Wade, The 2nd Amendment – Brent Hamachek Explains

    Roe v Wade, The 2nd Amendment – Brent Hamachek Explains0

    Delighted that Human Events Editor Brent Hamachek returns.  Brent breaks down the history of Roe v Wade and the leak from the Supreme Court.  And we discuss the importance of the 2nd amendment and why the left are desperate to disarm the people.     Follow Brent at HUMAN EVENTS  

  • Tamara Leigh – Trend On

    Tamara Leigh – Trend On0

    Tamara Leigh is an author, speaker, political and social influencer, and versatile communications professional. She is the Host of Tamara Leigh’s Trend On featuring Brent Hamachek, one of the best new media politically-focused podcasts trending on the hot topics, informing on the important issues, exposing corruption, and pushing back on bad politics. In March 2018,