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  • Children 1st – Adventure Island

    Children 1st – Adventure Island1

    Kat and I discuss the recent sex act that was performed at South End’s Theme Park, Adventure Land, where men dressed in “slut”clothes performed sex acts in front of young children and families. Adventure Land who is owned by The Stockdale Group, according to companies house, the current board consists of 3 (I presume brothers)

  • Marc Anthony Bru – January 6th

    Marc Anthony Bru – January 6th2

    Many people went to the Capitol on Jan. 6th to protest the theft of the election. And now they are being arrested en masse on exaggerated charges. One of these activists is Marc Bru, a NorthWest native and long-time defender of the constitution. Marc has dedicated his life to fighting for our freedoms and defending

  • The Solution Is The Constitution – Graham Moore

    The Solution Is The Constitution – Graham Moore3

    I am so happy to be joined by Graham Moore from The ENGLISH CONSTITUTION Party. He has a daily show on Rumble at 8pm  The Full English English Constitution Party HERE