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  • John O’Looney – Embalming Weirdness

    John O’Looney – Embalming Weirdness1

    Delighted to have the lovely Dave Sumrall from Stop Hate co-host with me tonight. The best funeral director in the whole wide world, returns to the show, the one and only John O’Looney.  John talks about all that has happened and all that he has seen over the last 3 something years.  This is a

  • The Line Up 29 – 30 April 23

    The Line Up 29 – 30 April 230

    Well here we are the biggest podcast yet, in aid of  Public Child Protection Wales Donate to our biggest show to date HERE And here is the line up.  Kim and Lu will be popping in and out over the 36 hours RICHARD VOBES REBECCA MANNING MATT LE TISSIER PAUL FITCH NIGEL THORNE SANDI ADAMS

  • Podcastathon Interviews and Documentaries

    Podcastathon Interviews and Documentaries0

    The court is this Tues 15th and Weds 16th at Cardiff High Court, please if you are able to come and show your support for Public Child Protection Wales and if you can help with a donation to the Fundraiser it will be gratefully received Below is a link to listen to our interviews over