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  • Children Are Still Dying – John O’Looney Funeral Director

    Children Are Still Dying – John O’Looney Funeral Director2

    John OLooney returns to Liberty Tactics, we discuss the huge rise in sudden deaths amongst young healthy people.  John also speaks openly about his brush with death and his attempted murder. One of my favourite guests to have on the show and a true hero. You can get in touch with John via his website

  • Professor Dolores Cahill Arrest Warrant

    Professor Dolores Cahill Arrest Warrant0

    A warrant has been issued for the arrest of UCD professor Dolores Cahill, a London court has confirmed.  Dolores Cahill, a faculty member at the UCD School of Medicine, was due to appear in court on 10 August charged with two alleged offences in relation to a rally against Covid restrictions at Trafalgar Square in