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  • PCP Wales Podcast-athon 13th & 14th August

    PCP Wales Podcast-athon 13th & 14th August0

    You may have heard about the huge changes that are happening within the Schools Curriculum. Your child may have already come home from school with information they are being taught that you deem inappropriate. In 2017 our UK governments signed up to a global education that came from the World Health Association. The Document claims children

  • John O’Looney – Babies Are Dying

    John O’Looney – Babies Are Dying1

    Our favourite funeral director John O’Looney joins us with an update on what he is seeing at the crematoriums in Milton Keynes. Follow John Here  and on Telegram

  • James Delingpole – Waking Up

    James Delingpole – Waking Up0

    Talk about spur of the moment, I decided to give James Delngpole a call and invite him on the show, not expecting that he would agree and certainly not expecting him to say how about this afternoon. So here is my interview with the bloody great James Delingpole.   I did get a little star struck

  • Children 1st – Podcast-athon For PCP Wales

    Children 1st – Podcast-athon For PCP Wales1

    Kathryn and I announce our podcast-athon which we will be filming live from recording studios in London on the weekend nof August 13th.  We have lots of guests popping into the studio.  With big name DJs playing sets to raise money for Kimberley and the mums of Wales.    

  • Alex Thomson – The Rains List

    Alex Thomson – The Rains List0

    Alex is back, I get Alex’s take on current global events, and then we take a look at Dr Colemans Rains list and the satanic ritual abuse of children. Follow Alex at The UK Column Telegram Rains List Talk

  • Laurence Easeman – Eyes Wide Open

    Laurence Easeman – Eyes Wide Open0

    So pleased to have finally spoken to Laurence Easeman.  Laurence has so much knowledge I do not know where to begin , he made a huge impact back in 2010 and 2011 with his exposure of the fraudulent mortgages and repossessions here in England. You can here the Eyes Wide Open Podcast on Youtube