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  • John O’Looney – Embalming Weirdness

    John O’Looney – Embalming Weirdness1

    Delighted to have the lovely Dave Sumrall from Stop Hate co-host with me tonight. The best funeral director in the whole wide world, returns to the show, the one and only John O’Looney.  John talks about all that has happened and all that he has seen over the last 3 something years.  This is a

  • The Line Up 29 – 30 April 23

    The Line Up 29 – 30 April 230

    Well here we are the biggest podcast yet, in aid of  Public Child Protection Wales Donate to our biggest show to date HERE And here is the line up.  Kim and Lu will be popping in and out over the 36 hours RICHARD VOBES REBECCA MANNING MATT LE TISSIER PAUL FITCH NIGEL THORNE SANDI ADAMS

  • A BLOODY HILL – The Truth About January 6th

    A BLOODY HILL – The Truth About January 6th0

    Our partners in America Stop Hate have just released probably the best documentary of this year alongside 2000 Mules.  This film exposes how many innocent American lives were taken from this earth at the hands of Nancy Pelosi and her left wing rats. Dave Sumrall, Juan O Savin and Treniss Evans expose the patriots that

  • Tamara Leigh – Trend On

    Tamara Leigh – Trend On0

    Tamara Leigh is an author, speaker, political and social influencer, and versatile communications professional. She is the Host of Tamara Leigh’s Trend On featuring Brent Hamachek, one of the best new media politically-focused podcasts trending on the hot topics, informing on the important issues, exposing corruption, and pushing back on bad politics. In March 2018,

  • Over There – May Update

    Over There – May Update0

    Our dear friend Dave Sumrall from over there in Texas is back with an update on January 6th political prisoners and his forth coming event in South Carolina.

  • Marc Anthony Bru – January 6th

    Marc Anthony Bru – January 6th2

    Many people went to the Capitol on Jan. 6th to protest the theft of the election. And now they are being arrested en masse on exaggerated charges. One of these activists is Marc Bru, a NorthWest native and long-time defender of the constitution. Marc has dedicated his life to fighting for our freedoms and defending