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  • CULT OF THE SERPENT Feat. Josh Reid (Truth Warrior)

    CULT OF THE SERPENT Feat. Josh Reid (Truth Warrior)0

    An absolutely cracking interview with David Whitehead & Josh Reid discussing the Watch The Water Interview… What’s really going on with all this snake venom talk? “The cult thrives on maintaining strict harmonious beliefs in attitude, opinions and behavior…” My site: https://www.dwtruthwarrior.com Watch the new CULT OF THE MEDICS trailer: https://cultofthemedics.com/ + RISE ATTIRE’S OFFICIAL

  • ‘Stop WOKE’ act becomes law

    ‘Stop WOKE’ act becomes law0

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday signed the ‘Stop WOKE’ act into law. The law, which allows parents to sue educators if their kids are being taught ‘Critical Race Theory’ in school, and employees to sue if they receive such training in the workplace, comes amid a high-profile showdown between DeSantis and Disney over LGBT

  • Update: United States v. Sussman

    Update: United States v. Sussman0

    Follow the case documents & filings – District Court, District of Columbia Docket Entries Yesterday Durham’s reply in opposition to gaining the substance of meetings involved with Sussmann and agents of the Clinton Campaign in a new late night filing by the Durham team in response to the flurry of filings Sussmann just made in