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  • 5/5 My Fellow Americans

    5/5 My Fellow Americans2

    It can only be the Welsh Wizard, who blows me away 3 times a week with his knowledge and research.  Drop 55, 5/5 and much much more.  

  • News Reels Episode 1

    News Reels Episode 10

    Selection of this weeks news Twitter / Musk – Project Veritas Biden Email leaks Australia giving themselves the power to imprison the unvacinated for up to 2 years Ministry of truth dies WEF pushes eating insects Clark County School Districts Explicit Books Sri Lanka Uprising Biden handing sovereignty to WHO & CCP BLM Fraud OSCE

  • Algorithms To Decide If Parents Loose Their Children

    Algorithms To Decide If Parents Loose Their Children0

    An alarming article by Reclaim The Net  is reporting that algorithms are being relied upon by social workers to determine if a child should be taken from their parents. From the article – The limitations of algorithms today in terms of accuracy regarding context and nuance is evident even to a casual observer, most notably in