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  • The 2 Storms – Roy Davies

    The 2 Storms – Roy Davies0

    Our Roys breakdown of the 2 storms currently hitting the deep state. * The 2020 election in the USA was a digital Pearl Harbour. * Has 45 ever conceded that election? NO. * The mid terms will not take place. * Know that Anons were born for this period. There is no leaving this global

  • Syria: US wants to topple Assad, not ISIS…0

    • News
    • September 13, 2015

    It was only two years ago that western governments were looking for excuses to go in and invade Syria in order to topple the former eye doctor and now President, Bashar al-Assad. Obama sought congress approval to go in and take out Syrian army forces but was rejected. Whilst the UK parliament voted 285 to 272 not to attack Syria