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The 2 Storms – Roy Davies

The 2 Storms – Roy Davies

Our Roys breakdown of the 2 storms currently hitting the deep state.

* The 2020 election in the USA was a digital Pearl Harbour.

* Has 45 ever conceded that election? NO.

* The mid terms will not take place.

* Know that Anons were born for this period. There is no leaving this global battlefield. We face an enemy that has long been in control of humanity but is now in its death agony.

* There are two ‘storms’. The first storm will usher 45 back to power. The era of the two Presidents is ending. Saudi Arabias Deep State falls with MBS taking the throne.

* The US miltary under command of patriots will use the information gleaned from the likes of Bin Tal Alweed and round up quickly the key players in Politics, Justice and the Three Letter agencies and those other traitors across America. Q states that patriots in the Republic will enjoy Christmas day.

* With Trump back we will experience the next global Storm. This will be the build up before WW3 the Defcon 1 event Q alludes to. Events in Taiwan will be the catalyst not Ukraine. It will be the pretext to the round up of the bad actors in the Deep State globally and their puppets.

* In the WCCC all political parties and leaders will turn to dust in this next coming period. Put no trust in them to save humanity. We must awaken and arise ourselves.

* How you may ask? Q made it clear in a number of drops . The KEYSTONE. Where the miltary are the KEY and the awakened masses globally are the STONE.

* For to understand this upcoming period we I believe should look to the very first Q drops. In them are events and actions that have not yet taken place. These are the 5 year deltas. We should restudy them.

* Finally, we are in an unprecedented period of World history. The WCCC will be swept away completely. There will be no reforming of them in any way. The old institutions of the state will be splattered into a thousand pieces.The US constitution will form the template for the new world.

* Hold the line patriots for nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

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