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  • Patriots – Christine And Dean – Q Team Awesome

    Patriots – Christine And Dean – Q Team Awesome0

    Delighted to have connected to the beautiful Christine and Dean in Alabama, I found them after a show with Roy on the Brunson Brothers. QTeam Awesome had just recorded their 2nd podcast with the Brunson Brothers.  I decided to reach out and we have been chatting almost daily the last few weeks.   Such an uplifting

  • 5/5 My Fellow Americans

    5/5 My Fellow Americans2

    It can only be the Welsh Wizard, who blows me away 3 times a week with his knowledge and research.  Drop 55, 5/5 and much much more.  

  • Roy Davies Things To Come

    Roy Davies Things To Come0

    Delighted the Welsh Wizard aka Roy Davies is back on the show with more geopolitical analysis.  (I do apologies for the poor sound quality on the audio link.  Rick is having a well earned rest and we wanted to get the show out today for you.) Follow Roy on Telegram  https://t.me/Royboy17th Follow Liberty Tactics on