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  • Children 1st – Daily

    Children 1st – Daily1

    Kathryn and I start our new Children 1st Daily. With updates from Wales along with the latest from the drag queen story hour tour and around up of the trafficking stories and arrests globally. Please if you can spare some loose change and donate to  Public Child Protection WalesPublic Child Protection Wales

  • PCP Wales Podcast-athon 13th & 14th August

    PCP Wales Podcast-athon 13th & 14th August0

    You may have heard about the huge changes that are happening within the Schools Curriculum. Your child may have already come home from school with information they are being taught that you deem inappropriate. In 2017 our UK governments signed up to a global education that came from the World Health Association. The Document claims children

  • News Reels Episode 12

    News Reels Episode 120

    Yet again, no longer a conspiracy theory! Covid passes were never about health, they were about control. China just showed the world how it works! Clarkson on Vegetable Oil for Fuel Shattered wife relives the horrific moment her fit husband, 35, dropped dead in front of her Pfizer tells FDA in an online meeting they