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  • Traitors Exposed ? – Roy Davies

    Traitors Exposed ? – Roy Davies4

    Roy may have found the spark that ignites Washington and The Deep State.  A case has been agreed to be heard by the Supreme Court that could overturn the fraudulent election of 2020. BRUNSON VS ALMA SUPREME COURT DOC 22-380 SCOTUS DOC WAIVER Raland Brunson Website

  • News Reels Episode 14

    News Reels Episode 140

    CNN Director says the stations next Covid is Climate Change Climate propaganda over the decades Ice Age propaganda from the 70’s 40C Fake alarmism Paul Burgess Aussies get ready for the Covid Super-jab Another vax death – Candice NY Department of Health Commissioner tries to justify falsifying paediatric Covid hospital admissions by claiming it was

  • News Reels Episode 13

    News Reels Episode 130

    Who could be unlucky enough to dominate episode 13 I think we have an idea….

  • News Reels Episode 12

    News Reels Episode 120

    Yet again, no longer a conspiracy theory! Covid passes were never about health, they were about control. China just showed the world how it works! Clarkson on Vegetable Oil for Fuel Shattered wife relives the horrific moment her fit husband, 35, dropped dead in front of her Pfizer tells FDA in an online meeting they

  • News Reels Episode 11

    News Reels Episode 110

    LGBT Kid Grooming They’re not even hiding it anymore! Hawaii teacher arrested after raping a 13-year-old boy during lunch breaks. Prosecutors say the teacher recorded it and sent it to other teachers. Dumb ass thinks guys can have periods – its true cause google says so Take the rainbow back. Tucker goes scorched earth on

  • Digital Services Act Nearly a Reality for Europeans

    Digital Services Act Nearly a Reality for Europeans0

    EU reaches deal on Digital Services Act for “making the internet a safer space” by requiring social media platforms to more aggressively police their platforms than ever before. The provisional agreement reached today is subject to approval by the Council and the European Parliament. Lets have a look here & let me help translate this