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News Reels Episode 11

News Reels Episode 11

LGBT Kid Grooming They’re not even hiding it anymore!

Hawaii teacher arrested after raping a 13-year-old boy during lunch breaks. Prosecutors say the teacher recorded it and sent it to other teachers.

Dumb ass thinks guys can have periods – its true cause google says so

Take the rainbow back.

Tucker goes scorched earth on Bidens diary – it’s over resign

Senator exposes bank records connecting James & Hunter Biden to the CCP

Rachel Maddow Has NEW Theory of What Really Happened with 2020 Election ?

This is no longer about health — it’s about state control

The CEO of Bayer basically stating that 95% of people wouldn’t have taken the mRNA “gene therapy” two years ago. People were TRICKED and intentionally LIED TO, which was why so many people did

The ‘Best Team in America’ Joins the Legal Effort Against Pfizer for Fraud, Racketeering, Battery, and More Dr. Naomi Wolf Were going after Pfizer, first as a private corporation,

Whats going on in Canada

The sudden deaths of thousands of cattle happened 3 months after the FDA gave the green light for the marketing of gene-edited beef cattle.

An in depth look at the coming food crisis from the point of view of a small farmer. People who use their grocery store as a gauge for their food security will pay dearly for their ignorance.

Dan Crenshaw confronted.

CIA Director admits plans for “Geoengineering” AKA “Chemtrails

Marjorie Taylor Greene was part of a School Shooter Situation when she was 16 in Highschool ? Putting her in a unique position to make an irrefutable point about revoking Gun-Free School-Zones and adding armed guards as a REAL solution

Julian Assanges brother tells Tucker Carlson People in the U.S. need to stand up for press freedom and this case

The hypocrisy of the left.

Flashback – Farage on Ukraine

Sergey Lavrov on special military operations

June 2022 Meme War Liberty Tactics Tribute

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