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  • A Tea Time Chat with Thomas Sheridan

    A Tea Time Chat with Thomas Sheridan0

    So happy to have my dear friend / bro Thomas Sheridan back on the show, we have a natter on current affairs and Thomas gives his view on the nonsense going on in the world. Follow Thomas on Substack YouTube A Tea Time Chat with Thomas Sheridan | RSS.com SUPPORT LIBERTY TACTICS. https://libertytactics.co.uk/help-support-us/ Website https://libertytactics.co.uk/

  • Roy Davies – BRICS

    Roy Davies – BRICS1

    Roy gives us the latest from the financial playgrounds. Follow Royboy17 on Telegram Roy Davies – BRICS | RSS.com

  • John O’Looney – Embalming Weirdness

    John O’Looney – Embalming Weirdness1

    Delighted to have the lovely Dave Sumrall from Stop Hate co-host with me tonight. The best funeral director in the whole wide world, returns to the show, the one and only John O’Looney.  John talks about all that has happened and all that he has seen over the last 3 something years.  This is a