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  • News Reels Episode 6

    News Reels Episode 60

    Where has Monkey Pox been detected NSW Health Chief, Dr. Kerry Chant, Struggles to Explain Why This Media-Hyped Monkeypox Outbreak Is Worse Than Previous Ones Monkeypox – The next Lockdown What “contact tracing” actually looks like. China. Straight from the mouth of a key member of the WEF Jabbed about to get a rude awakening

  • News Reels Episode 4

    News Reels Episode 40

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explains Pfizer’s new tech to Davos crowd ingestible pills – a pill with a tiny chip that send a wireless signal to relevant authorities when the pharmaceutical has been digested. Imagine the compliance, he says. Bill Gates says the next plandemic will be noticed More on the WHO power grab Prince

  • Pandemic Treaty: The Beginning of Global Health Governance

    Pandemic Treaty: The Beginning of Global Health Governance0

    The World Health Organization is about to commit a global health governance power grab, and unless we want a post-democratic world government, we need to stop them and warn the world about what will come. The globalists that brought us the wildly exaggerated COVID plandemic to cement a digital identity biosecurity grid into place are

  • CULT OF THE SERPENT Feat. Josh Reid (Truth Warrior)

    CULT OF THE SERPENT Feat. Josh Reid (Truth Warrior)0

    An absolutely cracking interview with David Whitehead & Josh Reid discussing the Watch The Water Interview… What’s really going on with all this snake venom talk? “The cult thrives on maintaining strict harmonious beliefs in attitude, opinions and behavior…” My site: https://www.dwtruthwarrior.com Watch the new CULT OF THE MEDICS trailer: https://cultofthemedics.com/ + RISE ATTIRE’S OFFICIAL

  • Government Nudge Unit Under Investigation

    Government Nudge Unit Under Investigation0

    MPs are launching an investigation into the government’s Nudger Unit over the “grossly unethical” fear tactics used during the plandemic. A group of psychologists wrote to The Parliament’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, warning that a team of civil servants dedicated to “nudging” public behaviour during the pandemic were unaccountable and unethical. The letter’s

  • Fauci’s Financial Disclosures Made Public by Senator

    Fauci’s Financial Disclosures Made Public by Senator0

    Dr. Anthony Fauci’s two most recent financial disclosures have been made available for public perusal by a senator. Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) obtained and published the documents (pdf), which cover the years 2020 and 2019. The forms show Fauci’s investments are in market funds, as are those of his wife. They also show he is