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News Reels Episode 14

News Reels Episode 14

CNN Director says the stations next Covid is Climate Change

Climate propaganda over the decades

Ice Age propaganda from the 70’s

40C Fake alarmism Paul Burgess

Aussies get ready for the Covid Super-jab

Another vax death – Candice

NY Department of Health Commissioner tries to justify falsifying paediatric Covid hospital admissions by claiming it was done to motivate paediatricians and families to seek vaccination

New WHO Report

WHO’s Tedros I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.

London packed to the rafters with people in support of those killed and injured by the jab.

Aussies to mandate Covid jabs to state cops

Biden on vaccines

Biden on Covid

Protestor Your husband is the worst President we’ve ever had

Adverse conditions make it onto Fox

In Russia, in the Kaluga region, a replica of the Tower of Babel was burned.

God Wins

The Labour council in Oldham voted out a motion for a government-led public inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Oldham

A word from Rishi

Engineering the weather

Kari Lake outs Soros

Bannon joins Tucker to explain the verdict

Bloody Hill Trailer https://libertytactics.co.uk/a-bloody-hill-the-truth-behind-january-6th/

Kash says if Ray Epps really was working for the government on January 6th, the FBI would have it all documented Those documents, if it’s true, it’s very easy to prove. The FBI will have a trove of documentation on Ray Epps.

The Dutch farmers rise up

American Actor and patriot Kevin Sorbo message to the Dutch people on The Dam – Amsterdam.

Dutch farmer breaks it down

Founder and CEO of Clouthub social platform Jeff Brain message to the Dutch people on The Dam Amsterdam.

Little music tribute video by Liberty Tactics the Dutch public out making their support for the farmers seen and heard

General Flynn made it to the Dam square! (Amsterdam)

Gregg Phillips explains that pulling the ripcord at the pit will give Anons access to the document stores video make available expensive tools get them trained up & bundle their findings to hand to Sheriffs

Trump lost over 600 Mil over the last few years

Were Not Gonna Take It

Rick Margetts

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