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  • News Reels Episode 12

    News Reels Episode 120

    Yet again, no longer a conspiracy theory! Covid passes were never about health, they were about control. China just showed the world how it works! Clarkson on Vegetable Oil for Fuel Shattered wife relives the horrific moment her fit husband, 35, dropped dead in front of her Pfizer tells FDA in an online meeting they

  • Tamara Leigh – Trend On

    Tamara Leigh – Trend On0

    Tamara Leigh is an author, speaker, political and social influencer, and versatile communications professional. She is the Host of Tamara Leigh’s Trend On featuring Brent Hamachek, one of the best new media politically-focused podcasts trending on the hot topics, informing on the important issues, exposing corruption, and pushing back on bad politics. In March 2018,

  • Dr Zalenko – From HCQ to Ukraine

    Dr Zalenko – From HCQ to Ukraine0

    I know I keep saying this after every show, but this talk with Dr Zalenko is by far the most informative show with regard to Hydroxychloroquine we have ever done.  Jason and I also discuss the situation in Ukraine and get Dr Zalenkos thoughts of what is going on in his homeland. Z Stack is