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  • Children 1st – Introducing Teddy

    Children 1st – Introducing Teddy0

    This week the Telegraph published a story entitled “Transgender teddy bears used to ‘indoctrinate’ children aged 10” This article states that primary school children are being taught about being in the wrong body with the help of a book called Introducing Teddy. The book and lessons are being provided by a charity run by a

  • Watch Out, The Fathers Are Getting Angry

    Watch Out, The Fathers Are Getting Angry2

    Kat and I are delighted to be joined by Aaron and Geoff 2 fathers who have had enough of what is going on in Britains schools. A breath of fresh air, these guys are.  If you can get to BBC HQ tomorrow they are meeting from 12.30.  Nearest tube is Oxford Circus.  Hope to see

  • Secrets Inside The Sex Shop

    Secrets Inside The Sex Shop0

    Kat and I are joined by Cheryl who used to work in an adult only shop, Cheryl exposes the shocking things she saw. Secrets Inside The Sex Shop | RSS.com


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