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  • Children 1st – Adventure Island

    Children 1st – Adventure Island1

    Kat and I discuss the recent sex act that was performed at South End’s Theme Park, Adventure Land, where men dressed in “slut”clothes performed sex acts in front of young children and families. Adventure Land who is owned by The Stockdale Group, according to companies house, the current board consists of 3 (I presume brothers)

  • Andrew Bridgen MP – Interview

    Andrew Bridgen MP – Interview6

    We are delighted that MP Andrew Bridgen came on the show this morning, he spoke very openly on the agenda and also about past and present politicians with dark ties. Reclaim Party A must listen Andrew Bridgen MP Speaks Out On The AGENDA | RSS.com

  • The Woke And Their Dirty Tactics – Kimberley Isherwood

    The Woke And Their Dirty Tactics – Kimberley Isherwood0

    The amazing Kimberley from PCP Wales pops in for an update on the latest attack from the groomers of the UK’s children. Public Child Protection Wales FUNDRAISER The Woke And Their Dirty Tactics – Kimberley Isherwoos | RSS.com