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  • Hunter Biden Document Dump

    Hunter Biden Document Dump0

    As readers and followers of Liberty Tactics have long known, that The Hunter Biden Laptop was not Russian disinformation and I am sure you have all heard my call to The BBC back in October of 2020 informing Alex about it. Who then slammed the phone down on me. Garrett Ziegler, a former aide to

  • Venomtech UK  – I Kid You Not

    Venomtech UK – I Kid You Not0

    Well well what do we have here .  A UK company called Venom Tech who claim to be, global leader for venom research, based out of world-class laboratories at Discovery Park in Kent, UK. Under their news section, I find this paragraph from the article Sept 2020: The investment will facilitate team expansion and the

  • Billion-Dollar ‘Internet Apocalypse’ – Narrative Being Set

    Billion-Dollar ‘Internet Apocalypse’ – Narrative Being Set0

    Forbes are running with a story from spaceweather.com, warning of devastating consequences for the Internet, particularly in North America, if a “black swan event” like a solar superstorm occurs. As reported by SpaceWeather.com, a “solar tsunami” occurred on the surface of the Sun last Thursday. A mass of charged solar particles hurtled towards us and