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  • Children 1st – Joan Ginsberg – RSE

    Children 1st – Joan Ginsberg – RSE0

    Kathryn speaks to the lovely Ginsberg to discuss the RSE training course and how Public Child Protection North Wales is getting on with raising awareness. Donate to the £3 challenge HERE Subscribe to Public Child Protection Wales Visit Kathryn’s website Here Children 1st – Joan Ginsberg – RSE | RSS.com

  • Children 1st – Kimberley Isherwood

    Children 1st – Kimberley Isherwood1

    Delighted that Kimberley joined Kath and I with an update on Public Child Protection Wales Legal costs are mounting, if you are able to support these incredible parents please donate HERE You can follow our Kathryns Blog Here Children 1st – Kimberley Isherwood | RSS.com Follow us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

  • Children 1st Daily – Court Update

    Children 1st Daily – Court Update0

    The time got changed for the injunction hearing from 2pm to 10.30am, sadly I couldn’t get there from Devon for that time, luckily Kathryn could. Here is the latest. Public Child Protection, Wales Fund Raiser