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Children 1st – Kimberley Isherwood

Children 1st – Kimberley Isherwood

Delighted that Kimberley joined Kath and I with an update on Public Child Protection Wales

Legal costs are mounting, if you are able to support these incredible parents please donate HERE

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Lou Collins

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1 Comment

    June 30, 2023, 3:34 pm

    Hello. My name is CATRIONA – I live in Edinburgh and I’m part of a number of organisations and initiatives fighting against the sex education/indoctrination/ grooming of our children. And I’ve spoken to Kimberley on the phone about it before. And asking her advice. Anyway would it be possible to pass this message on to her and ask her if she would be willing to come to Edinburgh to give a presentation on the subject? My phone number is 07789 207931 and I’d love to hear from her. Many thanks. Catriona x