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  • Jack de Carle – Tesla

    Jack de Carle – Tesla0

    Delighted to have Jack de Carle on the show today, Jack discusses the wonders of Tesla and how this forgotten technology is helping people today. You can contact Jack at jack@clivedecarle.com and go to Secret Health Club Jack de Carle – Tesla | RSS.com

  • The Good Life – Pain And Frequency

    The Good Life – Pain And Frequency0

    Clive is back with his wisdom.  Today we discuss how pain can be stopped using frequency rather than pills. To find out more on Clive’s machines, go to The Secret Health Club. The Good Liife – Pain | RSS.com For Clive’s products, click HERE Follow and Support us at HERE

  • Be Well – Clive de Carle Exclusive Offer

    Be Well – Clive de Carle Exclusive Offer0

    Hello friends, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. I went to visit the family, all of whom were extremely poorly.  Luckily I had bought Clive de Carles,  Immuno blend and his Vitamin C, D, Magnesium and zinc. My friend had been suffering for days, his girlfriend only 1 day.  Within 4 hours of