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  • Met creating team to deal with historical child abuse cases0

    The Metropolitan Police is creating a team of 90 officers and staff to tackle the increasing workload resulting from allegations of historical child abuse. The new team will handle 29 separate allegations that previous inquiries were blocked because prominent people were identified as suspects. It will also deal with work resulting from Justice Lowell Goddard’s

  • BBC on 9/110

    BBC reports that Building 7 has fallen to the ground 26 mins before it actually happens.

  • Climate change refugees?0

    Yep – hard on the heels of the EU’s Juncker laying out his plan for dealing with the refugee ‘crisis’ we have Juncker talking of the next ‘wave’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz7kOaSeG4k “We are tackling the root causes of the next migration wave, in the next coming decades if we are addressed in a proper way the climate