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10 Years of strife! For this moment! 4-1-21

10 Years of strife!  For this moment! 4-1-21

Last night on the show I said to Debi that we must be watching Lin Wood, he was the declas of the child abuse info and I expected it to drop between Monday 4th and Wednesday 6th January.

I woke up this morning to find that Lin Wood had started dropping Tweets and he’d begun with the Satanic stuff, something that friends and listeners know I have spent 10 years exposing.

Lin Wood begun his threads with the following article READ HERE

What follows is a brief description of how some caught up in this scandal are entrapped.

The tweets go on to discuss how the main 3 letter agencies are fully embroiled in this.

The BBC have just announced that Julian Assange will not be released to the Americans for extrodition, I believe Trump will pardon Assange. Assange has the DNC server, given to him by Seth Rich (research Seth Rich). This server has more proof to support Lin Wood. We also need to keep in mind what the New York City Police  dept, Southern District found on the Anthony Weiner Laptop which Erik Prince (Blackwater) exposed to Breitbart News back on November 4th 2016.

Listen here to Erik Prince here HERE

The British government are about to announce another lockdown following Scotlands lead.

Ths lockdown has nothing to so with the virus.  I believe this lockdown is about the rest of the Declas from Lin Wood. The British public finally will have to choice to see for themselves what our crown and leaders have been doing in regards to trafficking and abuse of children! This is the real reason I believe for the next stage of UK LOCKUPS !

Now apparently Boris has requested a recall of Parliament and will address the nation.. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE VIRUS!

I will be on air shortly to break this all down.





Lou Collins