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  • Digital Services Act Nearly a Reality for Europeans

    Digital Services Act Nearly a Reality for Europeans0

    EU reaches deal on Digital Services Act for “making the internet a safer space” by requiring social media platforms to more aggressively police their platforms than ever before. The provisional agreement reached today is subject to approval by the Council and the European Parliament. Lets have a look here & let me help translate this

  • Soros Wants To ‘Demolish Europe And Rig Elections’ Documents Reveal

    Soros Wants To ‘Demolish Europe And Rig Elections’ Documents Reveal0

    A trove of hacked documents liberated from the Soros Open Society Foundations reveals the systematic and anti-democratic techniques employed by Soros operatives as part of a far-left influence operation that critics say is part of Soros’ plan to “demolish Europe.” The Open Society Foundation documents reveal that Soros is using dark-money funnels to influence the

  • Hate Speech Legislation Reflections

    Hate Speech Legislation Reflections0

    Currently under consideration is the hate speech bill that aims to make provision for “hate” crime. The bill proposes the imposition of a heavier penalty on an offender whose commission of a relevant offence (a list of which is contained in the schedule to the Act) is accompanied by hate crime against an individual based

  • Just ONE IN FIVE migrants claiming asylum are from Syria, EU figures show0

    • News
    • September 19, 2015

    Campaigners and left-wing MPs have previously blasted the government for doing little to help refugees who they insisted were mainly coming from Syria. But out of the astonishing 213,000 arrivals the EU logged between April and June, only 44,000 were fleeing the war-torn state. Sceptics criticised campaigners over the revelation, accusing them of selling a

  • Climate change refugees?0

    Yep – hard on the heels of the EU’s Juncker laying out his plan for dealing with the refugee ‘crisis’ we have Juncker talking of the next ‘wave’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz7kOaSeG4k “We are tackling the root causes of the next migration wave, in the next coming decades if we are addressed in a proper way the climate