Currently under consideration is the hate speech bill that aims to make provision for “hate” crime. The bill proposes the imposition of a heavier penalty on an offender whose commission of a relevant offence (a list of which is contained in the schedule to the Act) is accompanied by hate crime against an individual based on said individual’s asylum or refugee status, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, transgender identity, sex characteristics, age or perceived age and to provide for related matters.

Currently legislation enacted in 1989 prohibits certain forms of threatening, abusive or insulting conduct that are intended or likely to stir up hatred against a group of persons on account of certain characteristics.  These characteristics are race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origins, membership of the travelling community and sexual orientation.

The 1989 Act lists actions likely to stir up hatred which covers the publication or distribution of written material; the use of words, behaviour or display of written material outside of a private residence; and the distribution, showing or playing of a recording of sounds or visual images.

Also mentioned are broadcasts likely to stir up hatred (section 3) – this covers broadcasts to the general public of images or sounds; and the preparation and possession of material likely to stir up hatred (section 4) – this covers the preparation or possession, or the making or possession, of written material or recordings of sounds or visual images

Recently, woke minister for justice Helen McEntee commented that “Hate Crime and Hate Speech undermine the very foundations of a democratic and inclusive society, and the common values enshrined in the EU treaties.” She continued, “A collective response at European level is needed to effectively address the challenges raised by hate speech and hate crime”.

The proposed legislation draws upon the the European Commission initiative proposed some months ago citing a “sharp rise in hate speech and hate crime in Europe“. The new measures would target hate directed to “individuals and groups of people sharing or perceived as sharing ‘a common characteristic,’ such as race, ethnicity, language, religion, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex characteristics or any other fundamental characteristic, or a combination of such characteristics.”

Of course, anyone with a scintilla of common sense knows how this will play out. Any opposition to the new plantation currently underway in Ireland will be labelled “hate speech”, any promotion of traditional values will be determined “hate speech”, any patriotic overturns will be considered “hate speech”. Meanwhile far left bigots like Aodain O’Riordain will be permitted to air his invectives against Catholics.

Recently the west-brit propaganda outlet “The Irish Times” showed its consistent distaste for Irish tradition when its parliamentary commentator Michael O Regan tweeted the following,

“There are two Irelands. One is the island which responds to the Ukrainian crisis. The other is the nasty Ireland riddled with prejudices. The institutional Catholic Church has much to answer for, despite the great work by its footsoldiers”.

Will the likes of this bigot be brought to task for his anti Catholic prejudices? Of course not. Will Mary Lou McDonald, leader of communist Sinn Fein/MI5 face prosecution for using the death of a young girl in Tullamore by a foreigner, but blame Catholics for events from the 1950s? Most certainly not. Will prominent members of the LGBT community who ridicule Catholic belief be found in contravention of hate speech laws? Ah come on.

Mary McAleese seems to have free reign to attack Catholicism, as does Ray Darcy and a host of other prominent public personalities. However, if some private individual happens to denounce the moral collapse and treachery in the country, you can be certain that a member of An Garda Siochana will arrive at the door.

The fact remains that hate speech legislation will be used by the traitors in the government, media and the NGOS to stifle opposition to the globalist agenda wreaking havoc in our nation. While certain disaffected Muslim immigrants decapitate homosexuals, the ire that follows is not aimed at Islam, no, it’s target is Catholicism

The canards that persist to this day, promoted by low intelligent anti Catholic politicians, includes that the education system is under the control of the Catholic Church. This is a distortion of the truth. Go into any school, even convent and religious affiliated schools and you will find the syllabus and its anti-Christian tenets are on display. In any hallway of any school in Ireland you will find information extolling the virtues of LGBT and Islam, and often chiding Catholic beliefs. If this is “Catholic control” then I would love to see uncontrolled schools. The irony here is that all the bigots that present themselves in Ireland were educated in “Catholic” schools, so how did that turn out? The students were hardly successfully indoctrinated such that they now have a loathing for the faith.

The hate speech legislation is one more device put in place by a treacherous class, aided and abetted by treacherous supporters, who despise the country they live in, the traditions handed down to them by those who gave the most.

Ireland is now nothing more than a globalist franchise of the US deep state, as well as other globalist entities and interests. The British establishment never truly left Ireland, instead they joined the Irish Times, RTE, the political parties and NGOS.

The only benefit of these nefarious schemes being perpetrated on the Irish nation is that it brings those of us who retain fidelity to faith and nation, closer to our dear departed ancestors who confronted the same. The only difference now is that the persecution will not be wearing a red coat but a green one.

By Bosco

Irish Sentinel