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  • Laurence Easeman – Eyes Wide Open

    Laurence Easeman – Eyes Wide Open0

    So pleased to have finally spoken to Laurence Easeman.  Laurence has so much knowledge I do not know where to begin , he made a huge impact back in 2010 and 2011 with his exposure of the fraudulent mortgages and repossessions here in England. You can here the Eyes Wide Open Podcast on Youtube

  • Prince Andrew Jubilee Song To Hit Number 1

    Prince Andrew Jubilee Song To Hit Number 10

    A fabulous song has been released to celebrate the lizard queens birthday and it is a tribute to her favourite child Prince I don’t sweat Andrew. The same Prince who is friends with a child trafficker, abuser and rapist.  The same Prince who sexually abused a young child, the same prince who claims he does