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  • The Good Life – The POX

    The Good Life – The POX0

    Clive is back with a wealth of common sense and vital knowledge. We discuss Clives sudden flurry of big name guests and interviews.  And what exactly is the POX ? For all things good and healthy visit Clive’s  website

  • The UK Sex Education Trail

    The UK Sex Education Trail0

    RSE is CSE. Comprehensive Sexuality Education. We’ve all been misled. From page 174 is the study in England & the reference to the UK agreeing to take part in the global roll out of sex ed (2017) it states the research conducted in England but applies to the UK. Page 8 informs it was the

  • Russia considers leaving the WHO and World Trade Organisation

    Russia considers leaving the WHO and World Trade Organisation0

    Russian foreign ministry has sent a list of global bodies to parliament, with orders to break ties with any organisation deemed to be ‘damaging’  WHO and World Trade Organisation are both on the list, Russian media says  Comes as Putin faces global isolation over his faltering invasion of Ukraine  Russia may sever ties with prominent