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The UK Sex Education Trail

The UK Sex Education Trail
RSE is CSE. Comprehensive Sexuality Education. We’ve all been misled.
From page 174 is the study in England & the reference to the UK agreeing to take part in the global roll out of sex ed (2017) it states the research conducted in England but applies to the UK.
Page 8 informs it was the WHO (2010) Framework
This is the document they signed up to in 2017, this is WHO framework (2010). Please read this slowly; from page 38 is the matrix, pay close attention to the titles and subtitles, information fed into a child, skills the child will acquire & attitude the child will develop from that information & skills.
This is the idiology behind what the UK has signed up
***Moving forward to 2018***
The UK sees the introduction of lesson content & an updated CSE guidance/framework.
Here we have the revised version for CSE (please see statement 1.3 in this document, it explains it is a revised version & all agencies it’s partnered with ). I think pg 2 tells you it’s a global 2030 agenda. Here we have a rights-based approach starting from age 5 instead of birth, it sounds lovely but pleasure, consent, bodily rights & sexual rights for a child is definitely a huge no from us. Sexual rights? from birth?
Sexual Rights
 Sexual stimulation in 241 PRIMARY schools in England, September 2018. The United Nations removed the “sexual stimulation” overnight. This is one of the reasons we CANNOT accept policy changes, it needs removing from the Act. On more than one occasion they’ve removed certain elements but reinforced a legaslative approach.
 Search for different types of porn, the dice game, sex surveys!! All government funded.
 Porn in the classroom.
 Dice Game.
*** Moving on to 2022. Legislation comes into force for RSE/CSE with no opt out from age THREE****
Legislation here
 Government commissioned school sex survey.
 Government commissioned survey introducing sexual questions.
 We have an email from a school in Wales. There are links to England’s SRE which is our RSE. Devolved education?
 the UNESCO website hosts our new RSE/CSE code. It directs us to Scotlands lesson resources (as seen in pictures )
 Unesco removed this link just after we filmed it. It has been replaced with a Spanish version.
 ASDA Sex ed Home school.
 Safe Schools Alliance UK.
 Worldwide Campaigns.
**Please Note**
We can argue the entire contents of these documents with credible evidence. The evidence supporting these documents are not scientifically based. We can discuss in detail the inaccuracy & manipulation of these “evidence based” documents. They are nonsense.
The more you look, the deeper it goes. You can get lost in it; it is a minefield.
I think this is a tad more than hearsay or misinformation
SNP sex Ed supported by NSPCC
The banana & Nutella video was eventually removed after 20 months of protest.
All information in this article is provided and researched by Public Child Protection Wales
By Kimberley Isherwood
Lou Collins

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