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2000 Mules Coming This Spring (a mule is a ballot box stuffer)

2000 Mules Coming This Spring (a mule is a ballot box stuffer)

Lying by silence is, far and away, the single most effective method by which the Judenpresse bamboozles the bewildered boobs it holds under its Satanic spell. But when the overall lie becomes so untenable (a $10 word for a position not able to be defended against) it “poses a dilemma” for the liar. The author of this Slimes opinion piece, one Jesse Wegman (cough cough) laments his predicament:

“For those who spend their days operating within the constraints of empirical reality, the long-running voter-fraud scam peddled by right-wing con artists poses a dilemma: Respond to their claims and give them the veneer of legitimacy they crave. Ignore them, and risk letting transparent lies spread unchecked.”

Yes, it’s quite a pickle you’re in, eh Wegman? You piece of shit.

But now, astonishing evidence — trumpeted by Trump himself — has indeed surfaced. This is solid proof which the “there’s no evidence” chorus simply cannot forever deny. And as of the time of this writing, a full 36 hours after the mother of all video “bombshells” was dropped, the Slimes has still not reported on it. This blatant conspiracy of silence is actually a good thing because when the captive subjects of the overlapping tyrannical kingdoms of Libtardia and Normieville finally do get to see these images (and we do believe that they will) — not only will the reality of the Great Steal of 2020 become a normified opinion, but the Yellow Press which denied it so repeatedly and so passionately for so long will be discredited beyond repair. It’s a “two-fer!”

Have a look at the brief embedded trailer for “2000 Mules(a mule is a ballot box stuffer) a documentary film that’s coming out in a few months — and is already being linked to and promoted by President Trump — who purposely set up the Election Sting operation of 2020. This is “jaw-dropping”  stuff.



In the past, these types of “bombshells” were essentially harmless because the almighty Judenpresse bomb-squad would transport them to an isolated desert and let them explode where only a handful of us “conspiracy theorists” could hear the blast. But this is different. Trump and his upcoming Truth Social will put this bomb in everyone’s face — and there’s no way that the usual suspects will be able to lie this one away. What will (((they))) say? That the images of the “mules” are fake? Let them dare!Like Conservative Inc. filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza said at the close of that trailer: “Game Over.” As it was designed to do from the very beginning, and as Q had clearly foretold, the Great Steal of 2020 will be exposed — and it will rock the nation and the world to its core. Such a scenario would be Trump’s “Reichstag Fire” moment (except that 1932 event was unanticipated) — a magnificent backfire in the faces of the NWO bosses and their henchmen.

Trust the plan.

1. Trump: “The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? // 2. How did D’Souza come into possession of this damning satellite-assisted surveillance evidence, and who set this up? — Answer: “Patriots (and “Space Force?”) Are in Control.”




After-midnight ballot stuffing — a “baseless” “conspiracy theory” “without evidence,” eh?You can be sure that these street operatives have ratted out their buffering handlers by now, and so on up the line.
By Mike King
Rick Margetts

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