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All claims about ‘viruses’ as pathogens are false

All claims about ‘viruses’ as pathogens are false

MY thesis is not complex: all claims about viruses as pathogens are false and based on easily recognised, understandable, and
verifiably false interpretations.


The true causes of the diseases and phenomena attributed to viruses have a different explanation, and one that is much clearer than the current prevalent pseudo-explanations.

This is because, while scientists in laboratories think they are working with viruses, in fact they are only working with certain components of dying tissues or cells acquired under very special circumstances. Their basic belief is that these tissues and cells die because they are infected with a virus.

In reality, these laboratory tissues and cells die because they are starved and poisoned as a result of the methodology of testing itself.

Virologists mainly believe in the existence of viruses because they administer to the tissues and cells supposedly ‘infected’ blood, saliva, or other presumably ‘infected’ body fluids, and this, it must be emphasised, is on top of the cessation of nutrient solution and after the initiation of poisoning by toxic antibiotics.

The great insight, however, is that the tissue and those cells would also die, and do so completely on their own – even without the addition of the supposedly ‘infected’ materials.

Virologists don’t get this! By the most basic scientific standards, they should have at least conducted control tests to be sure that it was really ‘viruses’ that led to cell and tissue death. In order to effectively establish the alleged ‘multiplication’ of viruses in cells, they should have conducted additional tests in a control group administering sterile substances from core healthy people. This would be to check that it was not the method itself that produced or falsified the results.

These control experiments have never been carried out to date.

In the light of the measles-virus process, I did have these control experiments performed, and in an independent lab, with the result that the tissue and the cells indeed die by themselves just as well as if they had come into contact with so-called ‘infected’ material.

This seems to me to be an important finding, but on the other hand it is also trivial since it is precisely the task of control experiments to rule out the possibility that the method or technique used is not responsible for the result rather than the reality itself.

Control experiments are thus of the highest priority and are even a basic condition for a result to be considered ‘scientific’. As we shall see, the court-appointed expert on the measles virus trial – Dr Podbielski, see further in this article – found that some basic publications of fundamental importance to virology as a whole (notably John Franklin Enders’ June 1954 paper, and six more articles thereafter), contained no control experiments.

From this we can draw the conclusion that since then, and without really realising it, scientists have been acting extremely unscientifically. The explanation for this action, which is incompatible with scientific reasoning, is historical: in June 1954 an unscientific and contradictory hypothesis was published, concluding from the death of tissue in a test tube the presence of a virus.

Six months later, on December 10, 1954, the first author of this hypothesis received the Nobel Prize in medicine. This turned a speculative hypothesis into virtually ‘scientific fact’ in the eyes of many, and one that is not questioned to this day. Since then, the death of tissues and cells in a test tube is consistently but erroneously viewed as evidence of the existence of viruses.

So it is really quite simple: the death of tissues and cells is mistakenly considered to be the isolation of a virus. Thus, whatever else one may claim, the fact remains that a virus was never isolated in the true sense of the word – that is: shown as a whole or characterised biochemically.

The electron microscopic photographs of alleged viruses, for example, in reality show just regular particles of dying tissues and cells, usually at most in model form. However, since those involved BELIEVE that these dying tissues and cells are viruses, this dying of cells and tissues in the form of all kinds of cellular parts is also called the “multiplication” of viruses.

The parties involved believe this to this day, and, to repeat, especially because the inventor of this method, by winning the Nobel Prize, is still considered an authority. Questioning that authority is not even considered.

It is important to note that this same mixture, which is thus made up of dying tissues and cells from monkeys, foetuses from cattle and toxic antibiotics, is no different in any way from what is called a ‘living vaccine’. It is used without purging it of everything non-virus (of everything that is, since viruses do not exist) as a supposedly healing injection, on the assumption that it would consist of ‘attenuated’ viruses. However, it consists mainly of foreign proteins, nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), cytotoxic antibiotics, microbes and spores of all kinds.

Thus, a vaccine is nothing more than a mixture of cellular waste and bacteria. In other words, components that a normal body would immediately excrete. This mixture is therefore toxic. It is what the body secretes as waste. It is mainly injected into the muscles of children during the vaccination process, in an amount that, if injected into the vein, would certainly lead to immediate death.

Only with total ignorance and blind faith in the state authorities who ‘test’ and approve vaccines can this be described as ‘a little harmless prick’. These verifiable facts demonstrate the danger and negligence of the scientists and politicians who claim that vaccines are safe, have little to no side effects, and protect against disease.

None of this is true and provable; on the contrary, if you look at it scientifically, you will find no benefits of vaccines, and there is simply no evidence for the claim that they protect you.

It should be emphasised that an actual, completely described virus does not exist in the entire ‘scientific’ literature. This is because the process of arriving at such a description is by consensus, with the parties involved traditionally arguing over what does and does not belong to the virus. This has taken decades with the measles virus, for example.

In the case of the so-called new Chinese Coronavirus 2019 (now renamed 2019-nCoV), this consensus process strangely took only a few mouse clicks. However, this is not surprising when you know that constituents are indeed extracted from dead tissues that then end up in a database. It is these components, which can come from many different organisms, that are finally assembled into an artificial virus model.

The process is as follows: from a database containing the molecular structures of nucleic acid components – again, it should be emphasised that these already come from dead tissues and cells that have themselves been biochemically manipulated – a number of these are selected and used to construct a much longer, so-called ‘complete’ DNA strand of a new virus.

Much can be said about this ‘technique’, but the basic insight is that these manipulations, called ‘alignments’, simply do not correspond to any ‘complete’ or known genetic material of a virus. Yet this is then referred to in the literature as its ‘genome’.

For the sake of convenience they ignore the fact that during the construction of a ‘viral DNA strand’ – I mean this completely conceptually, in fact nothing is ‘constructed’ – certain sequences that are considered ‘unsuitable’ are smoothed out and missing sequences (at least missing from the conceptual model that one maintains) are added.

Thus, in this way, a genetic DNA sequence is invented. It has never been discovered as a whole and therefore didn’t exist until it was created by man. These ‘smoothings’ and additions form, with short pieces that do fit the conceptual model, a larger whole that is then called ‘a viral DNA strand’. Again, in reality this does not exist; it only exists in the minds of the ‘scientists’.

An example: If you study the  conceptual composition of the DNA strand of the measles ‘virus’ and compare it to the actually available short fragments of the cells’ own molecules, more than half of the molecule particles that should make up this virus are missing. Some of these were even artificially added biochemically while the rest are just… made up.

I am not inventing this. This is reality, but because no one even dares to suspect that they are working so amateurishly, no one thinks to check this out properly, and so the illusion persists.

The Chinese scientists, who thus claim that the majority of the nucleic acids, from which the genome of the new China Corona Virus 2019 has been ‘sequenced’, are largely derived from the DNA of venomous snakes, are, like all of us, victims of a by now global misdirection. The more ‘viral’ DNA strands are invented in the way previously described, the more similar a new ‘virus’ is to everything that has been ‘established’ before.

That’s right. So there is ironically method in error. But just because you come up with a theory, within which everything is consistent, doesn’t mean that theory is true. All you are doing is fooling yourself; you may be moving yourself comfortably within this theory – you even call it science and claim that it represents reality – but really the impression of consistency springs only from the congruence of your thinking with that of your predecessors. At the root, illusion continues to reign, and it springs from an invalid experiment

Contributor – DR STEFAN LANKA

The Light Newspaper

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