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Bombshell emails reveal Cherie Blair pestered Mrs Clinton for years on behalf of wealthy Qataris

The extent to which Cherie Blair lobbied Hillary Clinton on behalf of her friends in the Qatari royal family was laid bare last night.The

Tony Blair’s wife badgered the former US Secretary of State for more than a year to do her a favour, bypassing normal diplomatic channels.

Emails show that Mrs Blair persuaded Mrs Clinton to meet Sheikha Mozah, wife of the former Qatari emir, as well as speak to her son to boost his profile on the world stage.

The messages show how Mrs Blair used her access to the Clintons to get things done for the Qatari royal family, with whom her husband, the ex-prime minister, has a long-standing relationship

In her most brazen email – one of thousands of messages released from Mrs Clinton’s time in office – Mrs Blair could barely contain her joy on confirming the meeting.

She gushed in capital letters: ‘I AM SO GLAD. If you get a chance remind Sheikha

Lou Collins