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Control your home from an app for £200 – NOT SUCH A SMART IDEA !

Smartphone maker Samsung is getting ready to take over your living space, with the release of a new smart home system in the UK that promises to let you monitor, control and automate aspects of your home from wherever you are.

Samsung SmartThings

The system is based on technology developed by a startup called SmartThings that Samsung acquired in August 2014. It consists of a central hub that connects wirelessly to an array of sensors and appliances throughout the home, allowing the user to control them through a mobile app.

The hub contains its own power backup, so it will continue to function if the power goes out in the house. It also has its own processor, so interactions between the hub and the various things connected to it can be processed locally rather than in the cloud.

As well as the hub itself, Samsung has launched a variety of devices to help people get started creating their own smart home. These include a motion sensor, a multi sensor, a presence sensor, a power outlet and a moisture sensor.

The motion sensor can be used to trigger either an action or a notification when movement is detected within a given space. For example, you could set it up so that the nightlight turns on automatically when your child gets out of bed.

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Lou Collins