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Dr Bryan Ardis – VENOM – UK Exclusive Interview

Dr Bryan Ardis – VENOM – UK Exclusive Interview

I am humbled that Dr Bryan Ardis agreed to come on to Liberty Tactics and discuss his findings and the backlash he has received.  Dr Ardis has given Liberty Tactics a PDF of his research.

Please keep this brave man in your prayers as, it has been leaked that he has been put at the top of a Pfizer hit list with Dr Zelenko at number 2.

Dr Ardis research and website below.

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Lou Collins

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1 Comment

  • Vicki Lee Snead
    April 16, 2022, 5:40 pm

    how can we hold our hospitals responsible for the wrongful death of our loved ones due to either the death jab or remdesivir my younger sister who is a twin died after multiple organ failure due to all the drugs they gave her anywhere from anti biotics n strong sedatives they said they had to put her in a drug induced coma when she was tryin to fight them when they put the breathing tube down her throat they also gave her remdesivir i remember seeing that word on the board in her isolation room they write on it who her nurses r n wut meds shes on etc…. she died jan 10th in the evening she was only 40