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Educate and Devastate

Educate and Devastate

“We provide LGBT+ inclusion training to ensure that you meet all of your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) objectives for staff, support staff, leadership teams, governors, trainee teachers, student workshops, youth networks, CPD days and an Award Programme. Plus an extensive range of resources for all key stages in nurseries, schools, colleges and Universities in all sectors including mainstream, grammar, independent and boarding settings, both national and international.”

I begin this blog with a quote from the front page of the website “Educate and Celebrate”, in an attempt to fully highlight the organisations far over-reach within the public education system, across the whole of the UK. As they state, they provide “resources” for schools starting from nursery, at age three. So, what exactly does this organisation provide as “resources?”, and who is directly involved?

Dr Elly Barnes MBE (pictured above) is the Founder and CEO of “Educate and Celebrate”. Elly developed her Educate & Celebrate PRIDE in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Award Programme by drawing on her research and experiences of implementing the most “effective strategies”. There are now hundreds of organisations accessing Educate & Celebrate services nationally and internationally.

In March 2018 Dr Barnes and Dr Anna Carlile wrote a book titled “How to transform your school into an LGBT+ friendly place” – A practical guide for nursery, primary, and secondary teachers. I purchased this book a few months ago, summarised in this video. However, there are many important points that were left out, which i’ll explain in this blog.

Firstly, before I opened the book, I looked at the back cover. There were two reviews, with the first one coming from Peter Tatchell, which said:

‘A “must-have” guide for every school. It shows how to teach LGBT+ issues. Simple, effective, inspiring. Bravo!’

Having already researched Peter Tatchell and his “ideas” around gender affirming practices, I knew where this was heading. Peter Tatchell is the Director of the “Peter Tatchell Foundation”, an ambassador for the LGBT movement, a life-long fighter for gay rights, and a self-proclaimed “Human Rights Activist”. Tatchell also campaigned for parents to lose their “opt-out” entitlement for their children for RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) and believes that sex with nine-year-old boys can be “harmless” and bring “great joy”.

Tatchell was the man at the heart of lowering the age of consent for the gay community from 18 down to 16. He also contributed a chapter to a book compiled of members of PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange). The book, called “Betrayal of youth” or “Boy” for short, was put together by convicted pedophile John Parrett, former vice-chairman of PIE, and published in 1986. This book was written with the goal of abolishing age of consent completely, leaving the doors WIDE OPEN for pedophiles to easily access their prey without fear of retribution. You can read more about Tatchell and PIE in my blog on the Sexual Revolution.

This book was fully endorsed by him, and therefore, I already had an inkling of what it would read on the pages. I was correct. It’s basically a grooming manual.

It starts by telling the reader how easy it is to indoctrinate youngsters by changing attitudes and behaviours, and how; “Relatively easy it is for schools to make changes”.

‘Strategies and interventions suggested by the authors of this book provide a starting point for supporting cultural change’.

Dr Barnes states that they have (apparently) worked with head teachers, teachers, local authority officers, teaching assistants, careers advisors, inclusion managers, learning mentors, students, pride youth networks, parents and carers all over the UK. Pardon my French here, but I call total bullshit for the following reason.

Since campaigning against the roll-out of this education in Wales for two years, I have met, spoken to, and engaged with hundreds and hundreds of people, including mostly parents and carers, but also councilors, teaching assistants and teachers who knew absolutely nothing about this education. They didn’t even know that it was coming into schools, and they were certainly NOT “consulted” on any of it. Now that people are experiencing what this so called “education” has to offer, they are in uproar! Please watch this very short clip from 2020 of Dr Barnes speaking in a conference to other educationalists about NOT informing parents of the content that their children will be taught. You be the judge.

Dr Barnes boasts about “smashing heteronormativity” and teaching categories such as “queer theory” instead, challenging the notion that heterosexual desire is “normal”. This is open to interpretation (only being introduced in the 1990’s publicly) and depending on who is promoting it – it can mean more than gay, lesbian, or bisexual. What is stated by some so called “gender theory experts” is that ANY “sexual desire” is “normal”, and that includes bestiality, incest, and pedophilia. It’s a very shaky term and should be considered in ALL its contexts.

For example, if you can stomach it, please read this essay by feminist activist and “theorist of sex and gender politics” Gayle Rubin – Thinking Sex, whereby the boundary between sexual orientation, and sexual desire are blurred into acceptance of bestiality and pedophilia. It’s a very hard read, sickening in fact. This was written forty years ago, and Rubin has achieved most of what she set out to do! The only thing remaining is accepting pedophilia as a sexual orientation. We are almost there. Can you “normalise” queerness without normalising pedophilia?

In case of any doubt that they are indeed using different outlets to promote sexualising children and pedophilia please take a listen to this Ted Talk, whereby a young lady attempts to categorize pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” called MAP (Minor Attracted Person) – this document pertains to do the same.

Dr Barnes goes on to say that:

‘We can only do this with full participation from education from the get-go, starting in nurseries and primary schools’

It’s a fact that children’s brains are far more malleable than adults. When certain neural pathways are solidified at a young age, they tend to stay that way. It’s possible to change them later on in life but it is much harder. With this considered, one can see how dangerous this is for young children, yet Dr Barnes is adamant that full participation is needed.

‘Regardless of all of the achievements in legislation, there are still teachers who are fearful of being themselves or who feel uncomfortable advocating for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity’

Firstly, there is a reason that they “feel uncomfortable” advocating for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity to infants! Precisely because it’s HIGHLY inappropriate to be talking to children about sex full stop. Collectively we all know this. It doesn’t matter how they attempt to dress this up, it’s extremely dangerous and criminal, in fact. Parents are responsible for their own children, especially when it comes to a topic as sensitive and complex as sex.

Secondly, perhaps someone should explain to Dr Barnes that a piece of paper, a piece of “legislation”, has absolutely nothing to do with moral standing. Perhaps these “fearful” teachers referred to, are actually just morally decent people, who know that this is incredibly wrong. Dr Barnes continues:

‘Queerness that is beginning to be embraced by schools and communities – and with good reason too, as around 10% of the population could potentially identify as LGBTQ+’

This was on page 12 of the publication. At this point, as far as I was concerned, Dr Barnes was debunked. I know that this statistic came from Alfred Kinsey, and therefore Dr Barnes was referencing “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male” – unethical and fraudulent data. If you want a more comprehensive explanation into Alfred Kinsey’s research, please read my blog on the “Sexual Revolution”, but in short, although Dr Barnes has alluded to the adult data from Kinsey’s publication, she has indeed referenced the WHOLE book. Kinsey’s “data” was obtained not from a random sampling of the American male population, but from promiscuous homosexuals, prostitutes, sex offenders, prisoners, child abusers, and pedophiles, almost exclusively. He then used it to represent the average Americal Male and came up with the 10% figure of LGBTQ+, which was completely false, obviously.

Also, Chapter 5 of Kinsey’s publication was the data on “Childhood Sexuality”. Again, this is explained in detail in my blog on the sexual revolution. Kinsey collected pedophiles’ “data” of their abuse, torture, and rape of infants and children, and presented it as “science” and proof that we are sexual from birth. This is essentially how they’ve managed to bring in this new sex education! Based upon CHILD ABUSE. We are NOT sexual from birth, but since Elly has referenced this whole publication, including chapter 5, then one would have to consider her agenda. Either she didn’t actually read it all and just quoted from other parts of the book, or she did read it, and she not only condones child abuse, but she also promotes it, very successfully made I add, through-out the WHOLE of the UK, starting in nursery. She’s either extremely negligent, or very sinister.

They inform the reader that the “whole school approach” has pilot schemes running through nursery, primary, secondary, special, further education, higher education, teacher training through universities, and the teaching schools. This demonstrates just how entrenched this education is already.

Public Child Protection Wales have been campaigning for two years and explaining to people what the “whole school approach” means in practice. It means that RSE/PHSE/Health & Well Being/Sex education is no longer a stand-alone lesson. It is drenched through-out the WHOLE curriculum, in ALL subjects. It’s now impossible to know when it’s being taught, meaning that unless parents decide to home educate, then their children will be exposed. The new global curriculum has also decided that this subject is far more important than basic Maths, and Science.

In Wales, the four mandatory subjects were English, Welsh, Maths, and Science. Under the new curriculum that has now been introduced, those have changed to: Relationships and Sexuality Education; Religions, Values, and Ethics; English; and Welsh. Maths and Science are no longer mandatory subjects in Wales. They are essentially suggesting that learning about gender and sex comes above Maths and Science (which actually includes biology – and which is FACTUAL, not IDEOLOGICAL) Welsh students also score extremely low in Maths within primary and secondary schools at the moment, the worst in the UK. We’re talking introducing the pedagogy of gender to thirty-six-month-old infants, through to age 16, with no parental opt-out.

In November of 2014, Educate and Celebrate were awarded funding from the Department of Education, and the Government Equalities Office, meaning, you, the taxpayer has footed the bill, which you were most likely completely unaware of, until just now. In fact, the taxpayer pays for a huge part of this kind of research, along with those private unscrupulous organisations, who hold a “vested interest” in sexualising children. Did you know that the public also funded the pedophile information exchange (PIE) for at least half of its duration back in the seventies? I digress………..

Through-out Dr Barnes and Dr Carliles “grooming manual” there are quotes presented – apparently from teachers, parents, and students, that were all involved in the construction of this education, each having some kind of “input”, and also statements from those who taught it to students, after receiving “training” from Educate and Celebrate.

One teacher felt that the Equalities Act gave him “permission” to speak to students about LGBT issues. Rather odd, isn’t it? that they felt a piece of legislation was sufficient to go ahead, but didn’t think it would be necessary to seek out, and to receive the parents’ permission?

Educate and Celebrate state that:

‘They have a duty to give confidence, skills, and resources that enable educationalists to effectively implement a whole-school approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion’ and that ‘Training should be compulsory’

It’s the “resources” that are most concerning. With organisations such as Stonewall, Jigsaw, and Mermaids at the forefront of providing resources for educationalists, one should be very concerned indeed. Each one of these organisations have been highlighted for wrongdoing in some way. Earlier this month a Trustee for Mermaids quit, due to a story by the Times, that implicated his involvement in pedophilia. Why on earth did it take for the Times to investigate before anyone at Mermaids picked this up? What kind of organisation are they running?

All we hear from teachers and the welsh government in justification for this education is that it’s “age appropriate”. Time and time again we’ve asked these professionals to provide us with the assessment tool or scientific statement they refer to when trying to establish what constitutes as “age appropriate”. There MUST be one, how do they know? There isn’t a tool to establish “age appropriate” – it does not exist. How can they possibly know when a child is ready for extremely sensitive information when all children are different and develop at different times and speed? What about children with special needs? neurodiverse children?

“How to transform your school into an LGBTQ+ friendly place” states that they use “Three age phases” – 3 to 6, 7 to 10, and 11 to 16. This is even worse – they are simply “age groups”. Suggesting that a three-year-old is at the same developmental level as a six-year-old is absolutely absurd. Likewise for the older age groups. I don’t need to elaborate on the reasons why! It goes on to read:

‘The key to working through this with teachers and parents or carers is understanding what entails an age-appropriate approach’.

They obviously didn’t bother to do anything more than describe the “age phases” they would be implementing. If “age-appropriate assessment tools” do not exist, then this is something that is just used to pacify parents and carers, who weren’t consulted on any of it in the first instance. Most parents still have absolutely no idea that this is going on within their children’s education, what is being taught, and who is teaching it.

Teachers are constantly pushed to use “Educate and Celebrate” resources. They are simply not trained to teach this very complex issue. They are trained in their specialist fields. They are trained to teach Maths, Biology, English, Geography, History and French.

Teachers are seeking assistance all the time with the new curriculum, even turning to Facebook to ask others how they intend to teach certain aspects of it. This is extremely worrying and further highlights the LACK of training, and that children’s safety is being side stepped in the name of “diversity”.

Elly stresses to the reader that it’s illegal under the Equality Act 2010 for nurseries and schools to fail to protect LGBT people, but where does is state that it’s ONLY LGBT people that need to be protected? Also, should this be “legal” to blanket teach all children based upon Kinsey’s fraudulent data concluding (incorrectly) that 10% of the population are potentially LGBTQ+?

To re-iterate, my point here is not that LGBTQ+ do not deserve or have the right to be treated equally and fairly, my point is that one protected characteristic does not trump another, one is not more important than the other.

As expected, “Trans suicide statistics” were alluded to, although only in an attempt to push this agenda even further by falsely claiming that trans suicides are because they are demonised and bullied. Nothing is mentioned about the fact that suicides occur AFTER transition. Transitioning doesn’t help because there is an underlying mental illness (gender dysphoria) that needs to be addressed but is sadly, completely ignored and instead, the “affirmation process” is adopted immediately, with disastrous consequences.

Listen to this tragic story of what a brave “De-transitioner” has to say. There are thousands just like her. In America, there are 25,000 children waiting for help to de-transition, and there is no help out there for them. This is why suicide attempts are so high among the transgender community. The true cause of the illness was never addressed, and they were sent down a path of pure destruction! This is absolutely tragic.

There is a secondary school in Brighton where 76 pupils are confused with their gender. I was speaking with a friend a few weeks ago who informed me that FIVE children in her child’s class of 9- and 10-year olds now identify as transgender. There was an increase in children (under the age of eighteen) identifying as transgender of 1600% over a two-year period in Scotland. That is absolutely staggering. Please also note that this has happened since Relationships and Sexuality Education was rolled out in Scotland. A direct correlation.

Teaching children that they are potentially born into the wrong body is nonsense and based on ideology and not science. Our anatomy and our chromosomes define our gender, it’s that simple. Thanks to the new education model of “Relationships and Sexuality”, teaching children that they can be one of over one hundred genders is now standard practice. It is BLATANTLY extremely damaging.

Walt Heyer was a transgender for almost a decade, and after transitioning back to his original male gender he went on to help other transgenders transition back when they came to him for help and support, still hugely suffering. Heyer is a life saver and I mean that in the literal sense of the phrase. He has his own website called “Transregret” which you should take note of looking at. Read how Walt came to transition from male to female and then back again here. There are many testimonies from those saved from suicide by Heyer and his amazing support network for those left out in the cold as a result of the confusing and dangerously misleading information received on top of abuse and childhood trauma. To this day, he is attacked and called transphobic and homophobic by the transgender community.

The process of a referral when children identify as transgender is to speak to the school councilor followed by a referral to CAHMS or their GP, with a view to obtaining a diagnosis for “ongoing support”. Both of these processes can be done WITHOUT parental consent. Take as much time as you need to process this paragraph. Just like they can take your child and put them on birth control and take them for an abortion without parental consent.

When speaking about transgender people, Dr Barnes says:

‘Being true to yourself is key’

Irony at its finest. This is a real slap-in-the-face to everything solid and deep rooted in identity. Being trans doesn’t mean that you were born in the wrong body, God doesn’t make mistakes, no-one is born in the wrong body – it means that you are unhappy in your skin and the body you were born with, suffering with body dysmorphia, caused by “society” as a whole. Thus, it’s a mental disorder. The slogan is correct – being true to yourself IS key, so why are we encouraging children that changing gender is “being true to themselves?” – it’s paradoxical. They most certainly aren’t being true to themselves by changing themselves. According to Barnes:

‘Most trans children realise they are trans at around three or four years of age’

This is absolutely outrageous for many reasons. Where does she get this nonsense? It’s idiotic to even entertain this absurd notion. Children like to pretend to be many things, their imaginations are incredibly vivid at this stage of child development. When children pretend to be pirates, we don’t cut off a leg, give them an eye patch and a hook for a hand, we know it’s just play. Likewise, when they pretend to be a cat, or a dog, or a tiger, we don’t encourage them to walk on all fours and eat and drink from a bowl on the floor.

This is just taking something completely normal, like children playing with toys that are stereotypical to the opposite sex, and twisting it into something that it isn’t, with catastrophic affects. Children are only caught up in this ideology directly because it’s forced into their consciousness from all angles of society, not just school. They are influenced by their surroundings, and their surroundings are LGBTQ+ wherever they turn, it’s no wonder that a massive number of children are suffering with mental health issues that stem from gender identity disorder. This was unheard of until fairly recently. Now we have a public health disaster on our hands, thanks to this ideology.

You would think that teachers just wouldn’t go along with this but unfortunately, they are. There have been cases where children have been “socially transitioned” whilst in school, allowing the child to wear their desired gender uniform and calling them by their chosen name, and the parents have not been informed.

Our brains are not fully developed until mid-twenties, the last part of the brain to develop is the pre-frontal cortex – the “thinking/rational brain” responsible for executive function – decision-making faculties; ability to control impulses; evaluates risk, reward, and danger – as described earlier. In childhood this part of the brain is extremely underdeveloped, which is why we make such terrible mistakes and decisions when we are young teenagers especially. Yet they are proposing that children as young as three can possibly understand, and “know” that they’re in the wrong body? I am astounded that I even have to write these words, this is insane.

Educate and Celebrate advocates that transgender students who have “socially transitioned” (meaning no medication or surgery, just name change and clothed as the opposite sex) can use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable in, the same applies for changing rooms. This is incredibly stupid and extremely dangerous. There are many cases of sexual abuse recorded for this exact scenario! I will attach some news articles at the end of this blog as examples.

What about the children whose sex matches the safe space they’re entitled to under the equality act? and who feel uncomfortable with having the opposite sex in the same bathroom or changing room? Can I just remind you that “socially transitioning” people are NOT covered under the equality act but “sex” is. There are also cases of male inmates in female prisons, claiming “trans” and yes, you’ve guessed it, they have raped female prisoners. This is traigc and terrifying.

I am not suggesting that all transgender (male-to-female) people are sex offenders, but it would be absurd to deny that these policies are not going to be abused by sex offenders. The proof is in the pudding.

Dr Barnes states that hormone blockers are safe and irreversible. This is completely false. They are experimental and dangerous and come with a whole host of side effects, as stated on their corresponding package leaflets. The seriously negative effects aside, we have 25,000 plus children registered with “transregret” for help, who are suffering terribly from the effects of these experimental drugs. That’s just in the United States, there are now thousands here in the UK and there will be more. What’s more, is that 90% of those who take hormone blockers are also likely to start taking cross-sex hormones as soon as they are able. A pathway to destruction and disaster.

When any concern is expressed of promoting certain sexualities, it’s simply brushed aside as being paranoia, homophobia, transphobia, or bigotry. Although the book states that there is no hierarchy in the Equality Act and that they are all equally important, why have women and children’s rights been eroded over Gender Identity rights? While Ofsted are running around making sure LGBTQ+ people are catered for, everyone else suffers and has to pander around encouraging mental illness.

Dr Barnes constantly speaks about the Equality Act and how important it is to adhere to, or you could be “breaking the law”. Through-out the publication it’s mentioned a whopping thirty-seven times – Dr Barnes seems to think this is extremely important and is almost used in a threatening manner at times. She even lists the protected characteristics from the Equality Act to reinforce her stance, which would be powerful, if it held any merit.

Although the Equality Act does include “sexual orientation” as a protected characteristic, it does NOT include “Gender Identity”. This is very important. She is not the only one with huge influence that has continually misrepresented the Equality Act in this manner, and it will bring serious consequences further down the line. Here are the protected characteristics in Legislation. As you can see, the nine protected characteristics in law are: Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage & Civil Partnership, Pregnancy & Maternity, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex, and Sexual Orientation.

In Dr Barnes Book, she lists the nine protected characteristics as: Age, Disability, Gender, Gender Identity, Marriage or Civil Partnership, Pregnancy, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, and Sexual Orientation. Gender “reassignment” IS a protected characteristic, but “Gender Identity” is NOT. This is causing huge problems all over the world. Men that “identify” as women can use female only spaces – an erosion of women’s and children’s rights.

Here is just one example of the fall-out from this absolutely catastrophic agenda, in practice. I will add more of these stories at the end of the blog.

Apparently, a survey (that wasn’t referenced) was undertaken which demonstrated that 83% of teachers welcomed further training to help schools become LGBTQ+ friendly. How many teachers took part in this survey? There are many teachers who still don’t really know what on earth is going on and are still pretty much in the dark. Some teachers have left the profession, some have been sacked, some are still there because they desperately don’t want to lose their job and they need to feed their families, there are those who are dangerously indoctrinated to the far left who think that they are empowering children by introducing them to the sexual revolution, and there are predators who are delighted to be teaching minors about sex. We are in serious trouble, and our children are clearly at risk.

‘This book delivers results at the root of the issue – education for students, and training for teachers.’

This book is not educational. The teachers are being groomed to groom the older children, who are grooming the younger children. Suggesting strategies that make LGBTQ+ inclusivity a part of everyday life, and within all existing lessons highlights how far they are willing to go to firmly establish a strong ideological pedagogy through-out the entire education system.

There is suggestion to remove “girl” and “boy” from the dress code within schools and instead use “students” or “children”. Teachers are advised to use “healthy relationships” and not “sex”, and to use “HIV, domestic abuse, and FGM” instead of LGBTQ. This is incredibly deceptive! They are clearly aware of the backlash they are likely to receive, meaning they understand that what they are doing is wrong, they are advising that they lie to parents. In cases of religion, philosophy and belief (which are protected characteristics under the equality act) are having their rights eroded by teachers who are being encouraged to lie to the parents of their students? Atrocious. As we saw from the earlier clip of Dr Barnes encouraging teachers not to inform parents of what they intend to teach their children, she doesn’t have an issue in deceiving them.

Through-out the book, it is noted, quite often, of how they were always in communication with parents, taking all kinds of families into account. It seems the more it’s stated, the more it magically becomes “true”. Repetition is the key to brainwashing. It’s a very effective control tool, but it doesn’t wash with me. I can see straight through Dr Barnes and straight through her grooming manual! There are so many references to involving parents in all aspects of this education, which just isn’t happening in reality. In fact, teachers are being told NOT to tell parents in some circumstances, as we’ve discussed.

Since parents have been asking questions relating to RSE over the last few months, it’s become apparent that they are clearly not involved and were never consulted. They are being lied to, and educationalists are indeed following the advice of Elly Barnes and withholding from parents, content that they should most certainly be aware of. The reason given to parents, given by some schools, for not presenting lesson content, is that because RSE resources are outsourced, then it would be a “breach of contract” under “copyright” law to the organisations supplying the materials.

The lesson content is abhorrent, and hugely inappropriate for children which sexualises and confuses them. This is child abuse. The reason we know how terrible it is, is because it’s a global education from America, already in 52 countries worldwide, and we can now evidence the results, which are disastrous beyond belief. With this in mind, and the fact that parents are having this lesson content withheld from them, I would say that there is huge cause for concern.

As mentioned earlier, the ethos through-out this publication seems to be to “smash heteronormativity” using the false statistic from Alfred Kinsey that 10% of the population are potentially LGBTQ+ – based on his shoddy, criminal and unethical science.

Barnes coins the term “usualising” in the “glossary of key terms” section at the back of the book, which means to talk about a subject so much that it becomes “normal”, and not taboo. This is blatant indoctrination and extremely dangerous for reasons I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate on.

Teachers are directed to resources and lesson plans from Educate and Celebrate. What are these resources? – Youtube videos mainly. This is what parents are not aware of. Some of the content children are directed to is highly inappropriate and dangerous! Often, they are being encouraged to explore pornography sites. As recent as last month, in some secondary schools, they’ve started teaching that “sex work” is a valid career. This content is drenched through-out the whole curriculum; Inset days, workshops and visitors surrounding LGBTQ+. Lesson plans through all subjects including Music, History, Geography, ICT, PE, Art, and Maths. We are in serious trouble.

It’s explained how children are so open and willing to accept situations, which is true. This only highlights to me how dangerous it is then, to even bring this ideology – something not based in fact or science, to the forefront of children’s impressionable and developing minds. We are witnessing the results of this right now, all over the world. It’s so obvious, it’s getting increasingly difficult to ignore.

An example of how willing children are to accept is demonstrated by testimony, within Dr Barnes’ book. A little girl who initially didn’t want to play a knight, eventually did “happily” play a knight, after she was shown three different stories of female hero’s saving the day.

Nursery, Primary, and Secondary schools have been beefed up with LGBTQ+ and rainbows all over, turning it “cool, current, and popular” – a perfect environment for young impressionable minds to be coerced into. Most children are now identifying as something, one of the one hundred genders they are told exist, precisely because they are hugely influenced by their surroundings, and it’s absolutely everywhere they turn.

Another real-life scenario explained how a teacher was scolded for commenting on an LGBTQ+ banner by stating that “16- and 17-year-old children don’t know their mind”. This is a fact though; our brains are not fully developed until we are in our early-mid-twenties, as discussed earlier. The pre-frontal cortex, responsible for executive function: decision-making faculties; ability to control impulses; evaluates risk, reward, and danger is the last part of the brain to develop. We’ve all been teenagers and we know how irrational we could be. Adolescents make terrible decisions that are created from and influenced by their environment.

‘Our schools give several examples of where new students or new staff have been immediately influenced by their displays and have changed their behaviours in line with the ethos. Our next goal then, over time, is to spread this influence out into the community.’

‘Your aim is to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ people, issues and equality by utilising the all-powerful, accessible tool of the physical environment.’

Within the hundreds of schools that have adopted “Educate and Celebrate” resources and advice surrounding sex education, it should be noted that LGBTQ+ content is saturated all over the schools in classrooms and corridors – plastered over walls, including in the reception area, as soon as you walk through the school doors, you are forced to accept. Some schools even require that you sign in “digitally”. An “equality statement” exists that one is required to agree to, respecting differences and encouraging mutual understanding between people with protected characteristics, before you can even walk through the door. Although this sounds like a “respectful” thing to do, and it is, do we really need to be forced? Isn’t this just a normal, moral, decent way to be? This is attempting to force “tolerance” which is what has got us into this dreadful nightmare in the first place. Where do we draw the line?

When giving examples for what content to provide to nursery schools, they discuss all types of families, except for the nuclear family: Mum, Dad, and Children. This is heterophobic – the irony.

‘Early award primary school’ boasted about becoming the first to add in the phrases “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. Sexual orientation for 6-11 year olds? In the UK, the “age of consent” is 16 years of age. How can this be justified? Why are schoolteachers talking to little children about their sexual orientation?? this is unspeakable, and criminal.

Using notice boards as much as possible to encourage young people to pride events and LGBTQ+ support services further demonstrate how much this is being pushed onto children and into society. It is no wonder that so many children are confused, this is heavy indoctrination. They also divert to libraries as another place to litter content that pushes their agenda. There is some extremely explicit content discovered in school libraries that our children are being exposed to.

‘Students take their learning from the classroom into the family home and out into the community. None of our schools are exempt from Ofsted judgements on equality, anti-bullying, and inclusion policies.’

It sounds fair, but these are just words that are thrown around consistently, without merit. For example, in regard to “inclusion policies” i’d just like to describe an event that happened back in the summer of this year in a secondary school local to where I live.

During an LGBTQ+ inset day, year 7 students were being shown a “pride event” or something similar on a screen in Assembly. After a few minutes had passed, a young lad jumped out of his seat in shock and confusion when two males were kissing on the screen in front of him. Not only was it against his religion to be viewing this material but he was deaf! There were NO subtitles on the screen, so no context was had by this lad, he clearly didn’t know what to do and was very uncomfortable with the situation he was in, and it was visible. Is this inclusive? Inclusive to whom exactly? everyone except the deaf children? Furthermore, religion and disability are BOTH protected characteristics within the Equality Act that Ms Barnes repeatedly passively aggressively threatens us with through-out her book. You couldn’t make this up.

After completing the “training” within the school setting, Educate and Celebrate explain how they would like to branch out in society and “educate” them too. This is a clear intention of changing attitudes and behaviour all around, and therefore, changing society. It’s basically one day of “training” and teachers are discussing all sorts in assembly. The safeguarding concerns are off the scale.

We are experiencing the effects of this so called “education” right now, it’s absolutely tragic. We are now witnessing the back lash of young girls being manipulated and confused into thinking that they should be boys, being led down the path of self-mutilation and destruction – affirmed by so called “gender identity specialists”. To fully understand what and who was responsible for this mess – read my blog on the “Father of Gender Identity” – John Money. Also, “What is a Woman” – is one of the best documentaries i’ve seen on this issue, I would highly recommend.

‘Faith Schools tend to achieve great success with their Educate & Celebrate programmes’

This is absolute nonsense. There is no evidence for this whatsoever, in fact, from what I’ve seen so far, there’s a massive push back by many faith schools to get this education gone! Many have been threatened so are only teaching the bare minimum in fear of being reprimanded and sacked. Although, unfortunately, many faith schools have also bent to the threats of the lobbyists.

They are encouraging teachers to not give parents too much information, and rather than attend external LGBTQ+ events, to hold them in school instead. Clearly a “way-in” to breaking down perceived barriers within the local community.

‘Remember that the change process takes time and cannot be achieved in one meeting. It is more effective to weave the programme through, month-by-month over a period of an academic year. This ensures that it is embedded throughout, and that you are taking everyone on the journey with you’

Chilling. It sounds like recruiting into a cult of some kind. As stated earlier, this is very heavy indoctrination, and they have some serious power and influence behind them. This isn’t something that has just popped up recently, it’s an agenda that began over one hundred years ago, and it’s going to take some time to reverse the damage that has been caused and change societies attitudes and behaviours back to those of decent, moral values.

Furthermore, it is suggested that the secondary school “Pride Youth Network” comprised of members of the LGBTQ+ movement, (most likely also recruited by the same means), come into nursery and primary schools – places where small children look up to older children, and discuss their “experiences” with them. This is bound to have an effect on these children, with potentially disastrous consequences. They are using the older children to discuss with the younger children what they have learned.

We all want to be older when we are young children, I think we can all agree that children mimic those with influence, and those they spend the most time with. This is why we are witnessing children as young as seven and eight years old coming out as “gay, lesbian, or bisexual” – children shouldn’t be ANYTHING sexual at this age. Children don’t need to be taught about sexuality to be kind and accepting of others.

In regard to the PYN (Pride Youth Networks) it was stated:

‘We have found that where students rather than teachers directly engage with parents, the result can be very effective.’

The Pride Youth Networks meet once every single week. LGBTQ+ content is literally littered all over the schools, taking precedent above all and anything else, pushing the agenda further, and firmly into the psyche of the majority. A secondary student said:

‘The PYN has made me realise who I am. I feel like i’ve gained a new family who is inclusive and just generally lovely.’

Again, this is chilling. There are hundreds and hundreds of testimonies of those suffering with “”trans regret” who often explain how they felt “accepted” and that they’d “gained a new family” while being pulled apart from their real families who genuinely cared and were massively concerned for the welfare of their suffering child. It’s so similar to how a cult progresses. By telling schools that they can get their students to add members to the group by supporting them on notice boards, bulletins, and in newsletters demonstrates how they recruit to the cult. This publication was written in 2018, four years later and this ideology has infected society like a wildfire out of control. Children are so influenced by it, there is barely a child left that doesn’t “identify” as one of the hundred genders that they’ve been told exist, against evidence to the contrary, like biology and facts.

Although PYN’S are for secondary school, Dr Barnes and Dr Carlile speak a lot about the “benefits” of them feeding through into primary schools AND nurseries, so that children would arrive in year seven, already understanding about LGBTQ+ issues. Wow. This holds weight and has pretty much been achieved already. Children ARE learning about sex and gender, including LGBTQ+ at the age of 36 months and upwards. This proves exactly what we’ve been explaining to people. The reason that they have already introduced this education to the three-year olds, but not for the teenagers yet, is because they intend to normalise it through the younger years, step-by-step, so that by the time the child reaches adolescence, it will be “just a fact” and “how things are”. This is how you change societies attitudes and behaviours – through the children.

As mentioned earlier, their aim is to “challenge the heteronormative model” which is something Alfred Kinsey also set out to do back in the 1940’s. He certainly achieved it. Him, along with his pamphleteer Huge Hefner who promoted Kinsey’s pornography and John Money – (Father of Gender Identity ) railroaded the “sexual revolution” into the depths of society, breaking down the nuclear family and destroying individual’s and relationships.

Towards the end of the book, “pronouns” are discussed, of course. Apparently, teachers are required to address children with their preferred pronouns – even if they change daily. This is a ridiculous waste of learning time, it’s not founded in science whatsoever, and it’s being forced into schools all across the country. It’s confusing to me as an adult, how do children deal with this conflicting, false, unnecessary nonsense? Teachers are encouraged to use “students” instead of “boys and girls”, and “parents” instead of “mums and dads.” They are literally changing their vocabulary to fit everyone’s “preferred pronouns” – incredible. It sounds exaggerated, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it is not. It is far, far worse than I am narrating just four years after the publication of this book. The situations I have described are far from isolated incidents, to the contrary. As recently as a few days ago, Nicola Sturgeon was in the media over a “controversial transgender law” where:

‘The Scottish first minister is keen to get the law passed to make it easier for people to change their legal sex and lower the age someone can apply for a gender recognition certificate to 16’

Also, from a few days ago, another story broke:

‘Moment transgender singer strips NAKED live on Channel 4 and plays the keyboard with her PENIS’

Disgusting. There would have definitely been children to have watched that happen. This is how it becomes normalised. We are down to this level of filth and deviance in the name of “diversity” and “progression” – it’s abhorrent.

Thankfully, there is an organisation in South Wales that was set up by a group of concerned mums in July 2020. I have the incredible honour of working alongside these outstanding mothers and have been campaigning to get rid of the now mandated Kinsey/Hefner “sex education”. This education is already in 52 countries worldwide and Wales are the last men standing…….

Public Child Protection Wales were granted a Judicial Review, which was heard last year in November. Although we lost the Judicial Review, case law has now been set and we are at the appeal stage of the process. WHEN we win, in whatever regard that may be, it will set precedent for the other 52 countries already using this abhorrent so called “sex education”, including the rest of the UK. It’s a GLOBAL education written and introduced by SIECUS and UNESCO.   The fight is here in Wales, and we need your help. This has profound effects on the whole of the UK certainly, but also many, many other countries worldwide. We need to raise £100,000 for our legal fees. The Judicial Review is against the Welsh Government, which has NEVER happened before, since it’s devolvement into “independence”- and is only granted 0.22% of the time. The judges’ comments state:

“The issues raised on behalf of the claimants involve the consideration of complex constitutional matters with potentially very significant consequences for both parents and children. The response of the defendants, although not without force, is not so obviously determinative of the issues as to justify the refusal of permission.”

Liberty Tactics hosted a “Podcastathon” in August last year to help raise funds for PCPW legal costs. A straight through broadcast for 36 hours in a studio in London during the hottest few days on record. We had some incredible guests and told the true history of this degeneracy we are now facing, along with resolutions to battle against it. It’s in three parts which can be found here. We hosted another podcastathon on November 5th last year which was another explosive weekend and all videos can be found on our website.  We are onto our third podcastathon that will be held on the 29th and 30th April 2023 in Cardiff.

If you took anything useful from this blog and would like to donate, it would be hugely appreciated if it can go to the cause. Here is the link for our Fundraiser for the Legal Costs for PCPW.

If you’d like to get involved in this fight for our children’s innocent minds, please get in touch with Public Child Protection Wales, (wherever you are in the world). They can also be found on Facebook and Youtube. We all need to come together and stop this insanity; it’s already gone way too far. These women are some of the strongest I’ve ever met, they are all working incredibly hard, daily, while trying to balance their own jobs and family life. Knowing them personally, I can vouch for this – they are warriors in the true sense of the word, and they need, and most definitely deserve, our undivided help and attention. A statement from the Chair of Public Child Protection Wales, Criminologist, and my incredible friend, Kim Isherwood:

“Only the children can truly unite this kingdom!! We do not get to choose where we go to war, we go where we are needed. Right now, the war is in Wales. The trenches need filling with men from all corners of the UK. The world is watching, we must start small, then take them all.”

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  • Joe
    March 28, 2023, 11:13 pm

    Really important information given & im grateful BUT the article was painfully long, convoluted, poorly set out, messy & hard to get head around. Firstly, a shorter and clearer introduction to exactly what it’s about would’ve helped. Thank you for the information. It’s mortifying to raise kids in this society.