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Electronic Warfare Expected in New World of Drones and Anti-Drones

by Nicholas West

As the global drone arms race continues to expand, so do the counter measures.

The proliferation of commercial drones, in particular, is expected to present new challenges to an increasingly crowded sky. Among commercial and military drones is the potential for swarms of micro-drones that can be hidden in plain sight … at least to the naked eye. However, drones are never hidden from the electromagnetic spectrum.

A UK defense firm announced that it is working on a comprehensive defense shield that aims to “control the electromagnetic spectrum”  – electronic warfare. It will not only identify drones that are a threat either to populations or critical infrastructure such as nuclear facilities, military installations, and seats of government, but also will have the ability to hijack the aircraft and remove it from the area.

Selex ES is calling its system Falcon Shield, highlighted in a recent press release:

Easy to make, cheap to buy, simple to fly and hard to detect, commercially available drones are one of the most quickly evolving technological threats to both military and civilian environments. In response to this threat, Finmeccanica – Selex ES has introduced Falcon Shield, which can provide users with a rapidly deployable, scalable and modular system to detect, disrupt, deny and defeat the potential threat.

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Lou Collins