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Execution of British citizens………(Dave and the Drones)

Part I – (not written by Fredrick Forsythe or George Orwell)

By , Chief Reporter – telegraph

Here’s the summary

Britain’s war on Isil in Syria was launched from a nondescript aircraft hangar in Lincolnshire 3,000 miles away, where an RAF drone pilot in a leather chair fired the missile that killed two jihadis on a road outside Raqqa.

Here’s some extracts:

culmination of months of planning which had begun with David Cameron authorising the use of drones to assassinate British-born

Khan had hit the headlines last year when he left his Cardiff home and later appeared in an Isil recruitment video alongside a grinning Ruhul Amin.

Oddly enough – he was already allegedly dead?

His death had already been reported by Twitter users linked to Isil, perhaps in a deliberate attempt to throw off the intelligence services.

‘Intelligence’ services – ? (not Cameron then)

After the Prime Minister had been informed of the threat, he convened a meeting of the National Security Council, at which the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC, confirmed there was a “legal basis” for killing the two men.


it fell to Mr Fallon to give the green light for the operation.

Not down to Dave then – always good to have a fall guy

It is from here that the drones are flown by men wearing flying suits, and it was from here that the missile was fired that killed….

Glad they were wearing appropriate costumes – wouldn’t it be horrendous if they’d been wearing cheap supermarket jeans? (Wonder if they mention their ages anywhere?)

Mr Cameron and Mr Fallon did not watch the air strike being carried out, but were informed about it immediately afterwards.

Maybe Dave was out surfing in different sorts of sewage?

Mr Cameron described the drone strikes as “an act of self-defence” which had to be carried out to protect Britain from terrorist attacks because “there was no alternative.

Yeh Dave – killing peeps long distance without any trial of facts (oops Janner) – well it must be self-defence – stands to reason don’t it?

“And there was nothing to suggest that Reyaad Khan would ever leave Syria…..


Strange how Khan wasn’t a threat to Ed Balls tho?

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 00.55.26


“There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets and no other means to stop him – said Dave..…………….

Part II of “Dave and the Drones’ to follow in the near future

(coming to a street near you – for your ‘safety’)

Lou Collins