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FDA approval of female libido pill could cause women to suffer “epidemic of adverse effects”

(NaturalNews) On August 18, the FDA approved a drug for the controversial condition of female hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The drug, flibanserin (to be marketed as Addyi), had previously been rejected twice by the agency due to low effectiveness combined with a high risk of serious side effects.

The agency’s turnaround was not based on the emergence of any new evidence to exonerate the drug. Instead, it was the result of a heavy lobbying campaign by drug maker Sprout Pharmaceuticals. By caving to lobbying pressure, experts have warned, the FDA has set a dangerous precedent.

More immediately, the approval of a drug being marketed as a “female Viagra” is likely to produce an “epidemic” of serious side effects in women who falsely believe the drug maker’s hype.

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Lou Collins