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Globalists Bypass The French Yet Again

Globalists Bypass The French Yet Again

Once again, the French people are robbed of a sovereign leader & MAGA supporter Marine Le Pen.

Globalist Bilderberg puppet Emmanuel Macron declares himself “Everyone’s President” as he claims 58.8% of the Vote.

Yeah, right like the French or the world don’t know what’s going on here. As with the US presidential Elections this writer strongly suspects shenanigan’s as I did when the pair last met, at least I didn’t put any money on it this time round.

This result can only mean one thing for France as this globalist shill continues to stamp on the freedoms & rights of the French. It means continuation of globalisation, faster crystallisation of Europe as a centre of geopolitical power and a roadblock in the path of populist takeover of the political discourse. Of course, it also means the French will once again lead the world in showing us all how to take to the streets with stronger protests & maybe with actual guillotines.

I hope the French rise up and topple this slimy no-good globalist NWO puppet.

Viva La Le Pen

Viva La France

Rick Margetts

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