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Hillary Clinton may have broken US secrecy rules with emails from Tony Blair and Downing Street

Hillary Clinton may have broken US secrecy rules by handling classified information from Tony Blair and the British government on her personal email account.

Newly disclosed emails from Mrs Clinton’s time as US secretary of state show she regularly received sensitive details from Mr Blair and UK officials on an email server based in her home in New York.

The former prime minister, writing on his own personal account, sent notes on his work as Middle East peace envoy while Mrs Clinton’s aides passed on briefings from Downing Street on Northern Ireland.

Under US secrecy rules classified information should not be shared by email because of the risk it could be intercepted by foreign hackers. The FBI is now investigating the security of the email server.

The British messages, which are now classified, are fueling Republican accusations that Mrs Clinton mishandled secret information and therefore “cannot be trusted with the White House”.

Read more  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/hillary-clinton/11837718/Hillary-Clinton-may-have-broken-US-secrecy-rules-with-emails-from-Tony-Blair-and-Downing-Street.html

Lou Collins