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Ian Josephs – Social Services, Secret Courts And Forced Adoption

Ian Josephs – Social Services, Secret Courts And Forced Adoption

Delighted to have spoken today to Ian Josephs (now 92 years young).  Ian has helped thousands of families dealing with social services and forced adoption via the family courts.

Every year, hundreds of babies are taken from their mothers AT BIRTH for alleged risk of some harm in the future and given away to complete strangers for forced adoption by social workers backed up by secret family courts..

Thousands of children of all ages each year are taken from mostly law-abiding parents by judges and social workers in these same SECRET Family Courts .

Relatives and friends are routinely forbidden to enter the court.  Accredited journalists can now attend but are forbidden to publish names of local authorities or parents and cannot publish any dialogue spoken in the court. Consequently, they rarely bother to come!


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Lou Collins

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1 Comment

  • Lindsay Fraser
    May 11, 2024, 12:50 pm

    Ian is a tremendous still-young !! fella, who helped me back in 2016, me being an abducted baby for torture now with 12,000 documents in my own cases. I'm 71 myself, now a Prosecutor bringing some 40,000 cases documents to the international courts, I.C.C. and for pre 1st July 2002, cases, to U.N. CaT.
    The central reason for these State Crimes is no domestic criminal accountability against a multitude of State instruments. All have fancy titles, lie IOPC, ICO, JCIO but with no remits; Public Deception. For decades, U.K. police evidential corruption has been a culture, but the same disease is infesting the judge circuit, particularly in these private 'tribunals'. I have just written to the Lord Chief Justice to insist introduction of criminal accountability against victim-insulting, evidentially lying, non-MoJ, and MoJ judges caught lying and insulting victims and the Directives of the I.C.C. as "diatribe" (endearing themselves to the ICC Judges, because we are prosecuting them) with no JCIO (Judicial Conduct Investigations Office) actions, because JCIO is a very "discretional" private judge-club that refuses to investigate judge criminal conduct, because it has no remits to do so – what JCIO call themselves is an "arms-length" instrument of the MoJ. And when judges are caught lying, they abdicate to JCIO, knowing perfectly well JCIO has no remits. In State Crimes against Humanity, The Child, with extensive Denial of the Truth Crimes, there are no immunities and no time limits to prosecute at CaT nor ICC.. "Watch out corrupt wigs, our international prosecution team is coming after you !!"
    Lindsay Fraser