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Imperial College, Covid, China and conflicts of interest?

Imperial College, Covid, China and conflicts of interest?

Imperial College London are very busy behind the scenes.

Our Debi Evans investigates.

Who are they?  What a tangled web we weave…… let’s take a closer look to see who is running the show?
Imperial College London have close ties with China.
They collaborates with the Chinese Research Institute.
Annually publishes 600 research papers with Chinese Institutions.
225 Chinese staff carrying out world research.
7000 Alumni living in China the largest group outside U.K.
China generously donate to Imperial College
President Xi visited Imperial College in 2015 on his State Visit to U.K.  He was accompanied by George Osborne Chancellor.  Hi-lighting Imperials role as a “premier partner”.
Imperial works alongside many NHS Hospitals and have many campus’ Including Hammersmith White City.
Imperial also partner
  • NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London
  • NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre
  • NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre
  • NIHR UCL Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre

Imperial College attended WEF in China 2018 (Air pollution)
Imperial College work with Tsinghua University in Beijing.  Seed fund – Innovation fund supporting ‘bold ideas’

Imperial have also joined forces with TWIG EDUCATION to deliver for UNICEF a “Learning Passport”, this will deliver a digital learning platform available in Ukraine and Somalia soon.  Who knows where else?  Perhaps a town near you?

Imperial have released their 2020 – 2025 plan.  There’s plenty going on.  Interesting the mention of “Chemical kitchens’ and ‘ Invention rooms”.  Have a look.


On Jan 20th Imperials President Alice Gast  delivered a speech at World Economic Forum based on George Orwell’s 1984.   Sacrificing our privacy for “big data”.  Artificial Intelligence. The collaboration between NHS DEEP MIND and Google.
“ If you want to keep a secret you must also hide it from yourself”

Debs finds a bit more about Professor Alice Gast
Formerly Chevron, an oil company. Some very interesting connections to past Presidents USA.
There have been allegations of bullying and students have called for her resignation
Professor Gast has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Tsinghua University, Beijing and has a special interest in chemical engineering, radiation and ‘complex fluids’.  She has strengthened ties with philanthropists, policy makers, industry and Alumni.  As noted earlier many of these are in China.
Imperial rank as 3rd highest ranking University in Europe and 11th in the world  (Times Higher Education World University Ranking).  Imperial is also ranked as the U.K’s most international university and 6th most international in the world.
The close Eastern Asia relationships continue actively.  The Huawei Data Science Lab is based at Imperial which have caused some concerns within the U.K. Government. Imperial are aligned to The Chinese Academy of Science and Imperial work closely with Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.  Research includes many subjects but interestingly and specifically ‘nanotechnology’, ‘bioengineering’, ‘data science’, ‘off shore energy’ and medicine.
So who holds the grand title of highest ranking University in the world?  Who runs Imperial?
Oxford University is number one.  Oxford (AstroZenica), Covid 19.  Interesting, but maybe we will come back to Oxford another time.  There’s rather a lot to say!
Are Oxford and Imperial linked?  If so how?
Imperial College NIHR – Imperial Biomedical Research Centre AND Oxford have teamed up and developed  Remote Covid 19 Assessment in Primary Care  (RECAP).  The aim to develop a tool to assist primary care providers in the identification of Covid patients who may be at risk of getting severely ill.  An early warning score specific to Covid, based on data that can be collected reliably during ‘remote GP consultations’.   This data will be captured daily and available through Imperials BRC’s ‘i care environment’.  It can also predict who will need admission to hospital and who may need an ITU bed.  This is in partnership with Royal College General Practitioners research and SURVEILLANCE Centre based at Oxford University.
So who is in charge and who are they advising.
Professor Brendan Delaney, Imperial Faculty Medicine, Surgery and  Cancer.  He received an award from Population Research Committee to advance research into earlier diagnosis of cancer.  He was involved in The Learning Health System and was involved with clinical trials re Family medicine.  https://www.imperial.ac.uk/people/brendan.delaney
Sir Phillip Dilley Imperial – Non Exec Chairman.  He was involved on Mayor of London’s Infrastructure Delivery Board and a special advisor to the then Prime Minister David Cameron.  You may remember him as Chairman of the Environment Agency, the one who couldn’t be bothered to return home when vast swathes of the U.K. was severely flooded in 2015.
Nigel Brandon Dean
Professor Robin Shattock  Imperial College leads the development for the Oxford vaccine at a very competitive price EU price £2.23 per dose. The U.K. have ordered 100 million shots.  He says we won’t be back to ‘normal’ anytime soon.

SAGE is the Scientific group advising the U.K. Government on how to handle this “pandemic”.  It is interesting to see many from Imperial College, London School Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and Oxford.  Many representatives from there also on the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group along with named members of The Behavioural Insights team.

Professor Chris Whitty the U.K. Chief Medical Officer Oxford, London School Tropical Medicine and recipient of a healthy donation from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for research into Ebola.
Sir Patrick Vallance the U.K. Chief Scientific Officer educated here in Cornwall, trained at St George’s and was then CEO GSK Pharma, they all have a history and perhaps a conflict of interest?  Sir Patrick is also a Hon Dr Science at Imperial.
Sir Patrick delivered a lecture for Imperial College Christmas
He also has a big pharmaceutical history not deemed a conflict of interest, hmmm.


Professor Jonathan Van Tam

JVT as he’s affectionately known by the Secretary of State Health Matt Hancock, has an interesting history.  He is the grandson of a past serving State of Vietnam, PM and his uncle a Chief of Staff in the Vietnamese National Army.  JVT was awarded the military MBE for services to Lincolnshire Army Cadets.  He was also a Director of Smith Kline Beecham so AGAIN strong pharma roots.




Let’s not forget some of the more familiar names like Professor “Pantsdown” Neil Ferguson, Imperials very own rogue gallery star who made/modelled and broke his own rules inspired by China. Didn’t he allegedly incorrectly model Mad Cow Disease sending millions of cows to a terrible death unnecessarily? And we are expected to trust him?




Even our own Prime Minister has history with Imperial when he was Mayor of London and he listens carefully to Imperial.



Matt Hancock appears on very good terms with China and Imperial


U.K Column explain the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation link to Imperial perfectly.


Have we come full circle?

So who is in charge of our country? Do they really have OUR best interests at heart?  Do you TRUST THEM?  The new Oxford vax will be our soon, U.K don’t have a great track record when it comes to vaccines and this one appears no better.  The Oxford vaccine has only 70% efficacy and little safety data. Hey ho cheap cheap and homegrown. What could be better?   Perhaps a New Year gift?



You decide.  A “Decade of Health” perhaps. 2020-2030?



Lou Collins