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Insurrection – What Happens to an Illegitimate President

Insurrection – What Happens to an Illegitimate President

1▪︎The deployment of the US military on American soil. The 10th Mountain Division, the 1st Marines amongst others to locations across the states and in Washington DC under the guise of riot control in their military fatigues with their insignia on their kit is very significant. Why?

2▪︎The Posse Comitatus Act : The act was made law in 1878 by President Hayes it basically prohibits the use of the Armed Forces to enforce domestic policies in the United States.

3▪︎Unless authorised by the President via an Act of Congress. So we can conclude that the Miltary Command of the US would not knowingly deploy troops to enforce said domestic policies in the US.

4▪︎The Insurrection Act 1807 : That act empowers the President of the US to instruct the Military Commanders of the US to deploy the US military and the National Guard within the United States to effectively take control from the civilian authorities.

5▪︎So I would posit that the troops being deployed across the United States is proof that President Trump indeed signed the Insurrection Act sometime in the last 10 days. How did this come about?

6 ▪︎On Jan 6th whilst President Trump was addressing a peaceful crowd of millions of his supporters a group of insurgents broke into the Capital building.

7 ▪︎On hearing about this the President called for the ‘ insurgents to disperse ‘ as he was obliged to do according to a Congressional Research Service Report ( 2006 ).

8 ▪︎The Democrat and Republican lawmakers went in front of the media and stated that an attempted insurrection had taken place. They stated that democracy itself was under threat.

9▪︎Preaident Trump acknowledged and denounced the attack on the Capitol buildings. Calling for peace and calm he took on board the demands of the House and the Senate.

10 ▪︎He invoked the Insurrection Act. Effectively transferring the power to the military from civilian rule.

11 ▪︎ Was the inauguration today lawful? Given that I believe the Insurrection Act was invoked sometime last week and acknowledging the above I very much doubt it.

So in conclusion I would say Hold the Line. We always new that it was a military operation. Maybe the military are cleaning house themselves! The sting is only ever complete when the crime is committed. Got any popcorn left patriots.’

Lou Collins