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Irish Justice: Protecting Political Parasites While Punishing The Elderly

Irish Justice: Protecting Political Parasites While Punishing The Elderly

By Gary Jordan 


Gary Jordan – The Irish Sentinel

Under the rule of the worst government in the history of the Irish nation, the innocent, law-abiding person is penalized and punished, as the lowly criminal and diabolical degenerate of the State remains unaccountable for wanton acts.

The Irish Examiner today reported that an elderly couple, age 81 and 76, had been arrested and dragged through the farcical Irish court system for the ‘crime’ of refusing to wear ineffectual, good-for-nothing face masks. The defence barrister rightfully reminded the Judge (who is part of a system made up of arbitrary tyrants more inclined to protect paedophiles than to crack down on criminals) that the couple has, between them, spent over 150 years on our planet ‘living peacefully and not troubling anyone’. Regardless, they were fined €80 each in a symbolic gesture that reminded the public of what a corrupt, back-to-front, upside-down sewer they have allowed their country’s Justice department to become.

Living peacefully’ is a sinful act when you reside in a nation led by spineless leeches and gutless bloodsuckers whose very existence is made possible by the same people they systematically torment.

Irish people are now wilfully funding a gang of despots who terrorize the elderly under preposterous, draconian measures while the discredited and degraded creeps in power are let off the hook with a slap on the wrist.

It is worth mentioning that the same Judge who presided over the aforementioned hearing, Mary Larkin, knows absolutely nothing about justice. This was observed in 2012 when a known child sex offender sat before her in the dock after been arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour. A prior investigation into the man’s history showed that he had fled Britain, where he was from, and his presence in Ireland was in breach of travel restrictions that had been placed upon him due to his sexual crimes against children. Having an opportunity to stick this paedophile behind bars and away from kids, Judge Larkin gave him a suspended sentence and allowed him to return to the UK.

Judge Mary Larkin

Contrast the treatment of the unmasked elderly couple mentioned in the Irish Examiner article today with the treatment of a member of Ireland’s political class who has recently been caught stealing from a local business. Sure, Irish politicians have built palatial homes, vacationed in luxurious hotels and purchased top-of-the-range cars on the dime of the Irish business person, but in this case, one of them was caught actually physically stealing from one.

The Irish Mirror reported yesterday that a ‘prominent Irish politician’ had snatched booze out of a petrol station, resulting in a file been brought before the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). Described as ‘a former TD still involved in politics’, and someone ‘who is well known and has made national headlines over the years’ the person in question was filmed on CCTV stealing alcohol from the premises on two separate occasions. After the incidents had been brought to the attention of law enforcement and the case was reviewed, the DPP – surprise, surprise – decided not to press charges and, instead, this anonymous career politician was issued with a formal warning.

In a testament to the inept, hopeless, government-funded clowns who refer to themselves as journalists in Ireland, the Irish Mirror openly admitted that they knew the identity of the thief in question, but made the decision not to publish his/her name. This is the level of investigative journalism in Eire today. The media is very happy to name, shame and dox senior citizens while protecting the unqualified leaders of the dishonourable crime syndicate in charge of affairs. This is par for the course for the Irish Mirror and the majority of media outlets here.

The silent treatment is not exclusively reserved for the politicians but is extended for the benefit of their henchmen. The Dancing Fascists of Ireland’s Yellow Streak Brigade known as An Garda Siochana, are given hero-like status among the talking heads of Ireland’s media and they too are blessed with privacy, even when they have committed crimes far worse than the refusal to mask up. The endless stories of theft and corruption in the force rarely make the pages of national newspapers. Garda Adrian Ivers, for example, recently stole a Bluetooth-operated speaker system from a seized vehicle and has just had an application to overturn his dismissal from An Garda Siochana denied. You would not, of course, know about this if you only receive your news from stations such as RTE or Virgin Media, or from newspapers like the Irish Mirror or the Irish Examiner. These outlets are too preoccupied with persecuting elderly citizens to bring you information about the raging theft and criminality that occurs within the nation’s police force.

While an Irish population is treated to the theatrical folly of irrelevant nonsense such as Zapponegate and rules-for-thee-but-not-for-me agitation propaganda revolving around World Economic Forum golden-boy Leo Varadkar, its streets are inundated with dangerous, debased villains such as Marius Rucinskas, a Lithuanian-born career criminal who has already spent 15 years behind bars in his native country for pre-meditated murder and false imprisonment. He was allowed to leave Judge Sean Ó’Donnabháin’s courthouse this week as a free man after been given a suspended sentence for the vicious assault and attempted murder of his wife. He was recognized by Judge O’Donnabhain as a ‘hard-working man’ and was ordered to ‘keep the peace and be of good behaviour.’ Looking at the man’s track record, I can’t imagine he will. But I’m very sure that the Judge, tasked with keeping monsters like Rucinskas off the streets, is of the same opinion. However, when you are part of a Justice system that is filled with utter contempt for the native population, what do you care? Rucinskas is a ticking time bomb and O’Donnabhain knows that. The Judge has no desire or interest in keeping Irish people safe. Therefore, it only makes sense that he would allow this deranged Lithuanian lunatic to remain among the masses that he so truly despises. His decisions in court are proof of this. The leniency he gave to wife-beater, Rucinskas was also given to Fr. John Canlan – a priest who sexually abused young girls and told them it was part of their confession. He walked out of O’Donnabhain’s courthouse a free man too, after been given a suspended sentence, when the Judge stated that he ‘saw no purpose’ in sending the priest to jail.

Judge O’Donnabhain

Incidentally, the Rucinskas case was heard in County Cork – the same county in Ireland where 66-year-old grandmother Margaret Buttimer was jailed for three months for not wearing a face mask while out shopping. She languishes in a prison cell today as hardened criminals hang on to their liberties thanks to the judgement of people like Mary Larkin and Sean O’Donnabhain .

The funny farm that is Ireland in 2021 sees a malicious, Orwellian justice system repeatedly turn a blind eye to political bandits, bent police officers, perverse paedophiles and barbarous villains while throwing the book at the aged of our society.

Meanwhile, a docile, obedient population watch on in apathy as their Grannies and Granddads are castigated and condemned by idiotic invertebrates within the media and twiddle their thumbs as harmless old people are caged by the nefarious servants of the establishment, inaccurately called Judges.

The ‘fighting Irish’ are desperately losing a crucial battle.

Gary Jordan
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