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MPs vote for forced vaccines

MPs vote for forced vaccines

ON July 13, after a 90 minute debate in a vote the public hardly knew about, MPs voted 319-246 in favour of forcing care workers and all those working in care homes to receive experimental injections, which are part of the mass mRNA drug trials being carried out until 2023.

Perhaps they are still under the impression there really is a deadly, contagious disease out there, but after 18 months with no evidence of one whatsoever, one must now really start to question the sanity of these so-called representatives. This is exactly how repressive dictatorships are formed: legislation is passed while most of the country is distracted by rather less meaningful events than the total removal of their personal freedom for ever.

This legislation covers not only the regular working staff but also requires that anyone who enters an adult care home facility be fully up to date on their vaccinations (which currently stands at two covid ones with discussion of further regular boosters), including emergency workers, tradesmen and caterers, hairdressers and so on. Anyone who therefore thinks it’s going to stop at ‘all care home workers’ is again being deluded.

The vote went ahead regardless of the fact that there was no impact assessment available to be seen. Despite explanatory notes stipulating that there was a risk assessment, MPs were not able to read this even after the vote had already been passed – misleading parliament to vote for something they couldn’t possibly know the impact of.

The care home residents themselves are NOT required to be vaccinated, only the working staff. If you are found to have been working in an adult care home and not be ‘fully’ vaccinated you can be given a £4000 fixed penalty notice. The law was originally going to be elderly care homes only, however they extended this decision to cover ALL adult care homes, for example for young adults with learning disabilities.

Even those who have willingly received the spike protein shots state that nobody should be forced to take part in the mRNA injection trials, which goes against the Nuremberg code and basic medical ethics. Discrimination is always how genocide begins.

Just over 75 years after Britain’s brave men and women fought off a totalitarian menace to keep our country free, it seems we have surrendered our individual sovereignty and the right to choose for ourselves and prosper, falling for the age-old tyrant’s ruse of ‘wanting to protect its citizens’ and constantly telling us ‘it’s for your own good’ as we are herded and restricted.

Not only is this parliament quickly shaping up to be similar to that of the Reichstag’s in 1933-45, it seems it is determined to far surpass all other lapdogs to tyranny in history.

Following on quickly from the disturbing Covert Human Intelligence Sources Act passed on March 1st, which allows many state agents and their nominated ‘informants’ to commit most crimes against individuals if it helps the state protect its interests, the Police, Sentencing, Courts and Crime Bill, dubbed the ‘anti-protest’ bill, has now passed its 3rd reading in the Commons and is set to move to the Lords and doubtless the statute books with little opposition from anyone interested in defending the rights of the ultimate minority – the individual man, woman or child.

In summary, the bill will allow police to prevent any form of protest, and imposes outrageously tough sentences on those convicted of ‘being a public nuisance’. It will also make trespass a crime and effectively outlaw travelling, wild camping, vanlife and anything else where you cannot be spied on, tracked and controlled.

Are we surprised this piece of legislation to make Stalin and Pol Pot envious has been put through parliament while the nation was distracted by England’s toils in the Euro football championships?

Would it have made any difference if it had been another distracting spectacle keeping people’s eyes and minds off the draconian laws being put in place to remove the last vestiges of our freedoms while they remain asleep and oblivious to the world we are leaving for our children?

Now, not only do they have the legal basis for the total perpetual control of all mankind, they also have the technology, all mostly willingly used by us, and further being enhanced and ‘upgraded’ every day, with all means of remaining free rapidly disappearing.

Think about everything moving online, everything connected, and the eventual disappearance of cash – it will mean that these regimes will be able to rule us remotely, and with no means of surviving for those who do not prepare now to live outside of this digital prison. They are creating willing slaves, sleepwalking future generations into abject poverty, misery and control. While it’s most certainly a conspiracy, one only needs to look at the laws that have already passed to know this is certainly no theory. Surely at enforced vaccinations for millions the line is now drawn?

The choice is yours, if only for a very brief time.


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