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News Headlines 24th August

Episode 9

Toadays Headlines


Project Veritas
Another major whistleblower has come forward to Project Veritas…
This time from within The Department of Homeland Security…
Stay tuned…Tomorrow it gets real

Jen Psaki Bombs
Lashes Out at Reporter
Jen Psaki must be jealous of Joe Biden. The most popular
president ever can turn his back and walk away from reporters
as they shout questions about his Afghan incompetence

Poland to Build Border Wall
Poland is following Hungary, Lithuania, and Greece in
building a “wall” to stop a surge of predominantly
African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian migrants,
thought to have been orchestrated by the Lukashenko
regime in neighbouring Belarus

Freudian slip by Joe Biden
alluding to Kamala taking his place as president?
“That’s why we have a female Vice President of the
United States of America… there’s gonna be..
we’re gonna have some presidents pretty soon”

President Putin
Unacceptable to force/threaten people to get vaccinated;
need to persuade them – Putin
“It’s unacceptable to put pressure on people […]
you need to know how to convince them, respectfully”
he told the audience at a United Russia event.

Arizona Audit
General Flynn on the audit
“Maybe what we see is a flipping of the electoral college…
If the outcome of the election is what we believe it is then something
needs to happen.” -General Flynn on the audit
Notice Flynn’s mood. He looks comfy

CIA Director Meets with Taliban
CIA Director William Burns secretly met with Taliban leader
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul on Monday,
a senior U.S. official confirmed to Fox News

ABC Fake News
ABC Caught using footage of the Dallas Cowboy Fans
As Afgan Refugees fleeing the Taliban

Tony Blair gets annihilated in one sentence on GB News

Rick Margetts

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