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News Reels Episode 10

News Reels Episode 10

Only months after his wife Hailey suffered a mini stroke because of blood clots, this is Justin Bieber now.

Myocarditis Up 2800 Army Veteran Pam Long Lists Alarming Numbers From the DMED Data Base

Eva Vlaardingerbroek Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is the media’s latest favourite coverup, how stupid do they think we are

David Icke 1996

Dr Mike Yeadon on how Chief scientific advisor to U.K. Gov Patrick Valance lied throughout about Covid and the measured imposed to protect the NHS

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Calls for COVID-19 Commission to Investigate Virus Origin and “Demon” Dr. Fauci

Lawmakers slam Anthony Fauci for alleged puppy experiments — Mozilla Firefox 2022-06-14 17-50-57

Control the language, control the people.

The Department of Health is advertising for a ‘Deputy Director, Delivery Lead – Covid Pass.’

Zarah Sultana MP Oil Company Profits

Straight from the horses mouth, Biden said he was willing to see people hurt economically to get everyone off fossil fuels, those insane prices gas all part of his plan, yet he tries the old dem chestnut of it’s the Russians.

Katie Hopkins on Economics – She’s not wrong

It’s All Planned

Putin breaks his silence on the food crisis Blames the West for the ongoing global food crisis

Italy ?? Milan ?Food line how come where is the Vatican ?? pope who takes orders from Geneva Switzerland ?? and satanic UN they created UN as the force of Antichrist

Wake Up

China a look at our? Future

Vision_emerges_of_blindfolded_and_shackled_prisoners in China

‘Won’t hesitate…’ China, U.S defence chiefs clash as Beijing threatens war over Taiwan

China’s world-first drone-carrier capable of operating on its own _ On May 18, 2022, China launched the world’s first seaborne drone carrier capable of operating on its own. The unmanned ship can be controlled remote

Welcome to planet shithole.

USA literally open borders.

A person with a cervix holds up a sign.

Avi having a bit of fun with a lefty skateboarder

One of the biggest parasites of British history Tony Blair was today made a member of the Order of the Garter, the most senior royal order of chivalry.

Happy Birthday Mr President

Rick Margetts

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