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News Reels Episode 16 (Scare Necessary Event)

News Reels Episode 16 (Scare Necessary Event)

Pfizer Exploring Mutating COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines

Jeffrey A. Tucker Says the Gates Foundation Wanted Lockdowns Until Vaccines Were Ready

Andrew Bridgen Something has been going seriously wrong in our country for several years and it has to stop

FOIA Documents Reveal the COVID Pandemic Was a DoD Operation Dating Back to Obama

The anti-vaxx people appear to be the winners. I don’t want to put any shade on that whatsoever. They came out the best, they have the winning position. – Scott Adams, former covidian.

MP Esther McVey –  We Need An Urgent And Thorough Investigation Into Excess Deaths.

Truth Be Told Rally – London

White roses thrown first by the Vaccine injuries at downing Street. The day was about respect for the people who died and the injured.

Zelensky said he’s not interested in peace talks with Putin

Biden warns tanks to Ukraine means WW3 then sends Tanks

German foreign minister just declared war on Russia.

Ukraine Corruption

Doomsday Clock moves 90secs to Midnight

Irish Teachers speak out on the Sexualisation of Children in Schools

Children as young as 7 are being asked to confirm whether they are male – female – bisexual or Trans”

Ghislaine Maxwell – Epstein was Murdered


Irish Radical Leftist Meltdown

Following thousands of migrant men being bussed across Ireland under the cover of darkness, leading to dozens of reported crimes, including rapes, attacks, children being harassed and another riot last night, the Irish are out tonight in numbers

WEF Doesn’t Trust Musk “he needs to behave”

Is it any surprise from Starmer, a member of the Trilateral Commission, that he would choose Davos over Westminster.

The Strange Case Of Paul Pelosi

Who is David Depape (Pelosi’s attacker)

What’s the storey with the Chicken Eggs

Another Liberty Tactics Musical Meme Wars (Scare Necessary Event)

Rick Margetts

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